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Hrvoje Rukavina, Harrison Hughes, and Randy Johnson

locations. Johnson et al. (2001) reported a relationship between buffalograss ( Buchloe dactyloides Nutt.) cold hardiness and longitude. In that study, hexaploid clones with greater cold hardiness were more common in the eastern areas. On the other hand

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Matthew D. Clark and Eric Watkins

dormancy. Native accessions being developed as turf cultivars must also demonstrate limited growth, fine-textured leaves, and quick recovery from damage caused by traffic and wear ( Romani et al., 2002 ). The native species buffalograss [ Buchloë

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Bradley S. Sladek, Gerald M. Henry, and Dick L. Auld

, 1996 ). Gatian-Gaitan et al. (1998) also observed decreases in percent buffalograss [Buchloe dactyloides (Nutt.) Engelm.] cover when it was planted after 15 July. The highest percent cover in the minimal amount of time was observed for ‘Shadow Turf

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Sarah E. Cathey, Jason K. Kruse, Thomas R. Sinclair, and Michael D. Dukes

adjustment relative to buffalograss [ Buchloe dactyloides (Nutt.) Engelm.] and tall fescue and recovered well after a period of gradual drying. Turf recovery. In the first study, bahiagrass remained wilted after 24 h recovery after treatments 0.3 NTR, 0

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Juming Zhang, Michael Richardson, Douglas Karcher, John McCalla, Jingwen Mai, and Hanfu Luo

any research that has investigated the GDD units required to reach full coverage after sprigging a warm-season grass, Peterson et al. (2010) used accumulated GDD units to estimate the vitality of buffalograss ( Buchloë dactyloides ) sprigs for

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Huai-Fu Fan, Wen Chen, Zhou Yu, and Chang-Xia Du

, including A. thaliana ( Tognolli et al., 2002 ), rice ( Zhang et al., 2001 ), cotton [ Gossypium hirsutum ( Delannoy et al., 2006 )], buffalograss [ Buchloe dactyloides ( Gulsen et al., 2007 )], and apple [ Malus sieversii ( Gulsen et al., 2010 )]. Here

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Nanqing Liu, Yixin Shen, and Bingru Huang

( DaCosta and Huang, 2006 ; Qian and Fry, 1997 ; White et al., 1992 ). Qian and Fry (1997) reported interspecific variations in OA among three warm-season and one cool-season turfgrass species, with OA ranking as ‘Prairie’ buffalograss ( Buchloe

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Yan Liu, Hailin Guo, Yi Wang, Jingang Shi, Dandan Li, Zhiyong Wang, and Jianxiu Liu

diversity of buffalograss ( Buchloe dactyloides ), and the results showed that genotypes with potential for turfgrass improvement could be distinguished readily based on SRAP. PCR-based technologies, including SRAP, are effective tools for estimating genetic

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Youping Sun and Alyssa Lanae Palmer

from 0% to 100%. Shoot DW of buffalograss ( Buchloe dactyloides ) and blue grama also declined with salinity level increasing from 0 to 10 g·L –1 ( Zhang et al., 2012 ). LeCompte et al. (2016) observed that the root and shoot DW of muhly grass

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Jack E. Staub, Matthew D. Robbins, Yingmei Ma, and Paul G. Johnson

junegrass [ Koeleria macrantha (synonymous with K. cristata )], needlegrass ( Stipa spartea ), buffalograss ( Buchloe dactyloides ), and blue grama ( Bouteloua gracilis ) are being increasingly used for low-input urban horticultural applications ( Wilson