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Dewayne L. Ingram, Charles R. Hall, and Joshua Knight

tree [red maple ( Acer rubrum )], field-grown evergreen tree [blue spruce ( Picea pungens )], field-grown flowering tree [‘Forest Pansy’ redbud ( Cercis canadensis )], field-grown deciduous shrub [juddi viburnum ( Viburnum × juddi )], field

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Cynthia B. McKenney, Sandra A. Balch, Victor Hegemann, and Susan P. Metz

chart RHS London SPSS 2007 SPSS 15.0 statistical package SPSS Inc Chicago IL Tipton, J.L. 1992 Requirements for seed germination of Mexican redbud, evergreen sumac, and mealy sage HortScience 27 313

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Genhua Niu, Denise S. Rodriguez, and Wayne Mackay

redbud [ Cercis canadensis L. var. mexicana (Rose) M. Hopk.] contribute to water-conserving capability and survival in arid and semiarid regions compared with eastern redbud ( C. Canadensis ; Tipton and White, 1995 ). When plants are under drought

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Binoy Babu, Gary Knox, Mathews L. Paret, and Francisco M. Ochoa-Corona

, Raspberry leaf blotch emaravirus , Redbud yellow ringspot-associated emaravirus , and RRV were studied and genus broad–specific detection primers designed. The sensitivity of this RT-PCR was found to be 100 fg/reaction. The multiple Emaravirus detection

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Ursula K. Schuch

of two cultivars of redbud [ Cercis sp. ( Fox et al., 2014 )]. Tree water use under conditions that do not limit the amount of irrigation water trees receive showed that trees considered xeric-adapted, such as south american mesquite ( Prosopis alba

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Susmitha Nambuthiri, Ethan Hagen, Amy Fulcher, and Robert Geneve

since been employed successfully on a number of crops including Hibiscus rosa-sinensis ( Fulcher et al., 2012 ), oakleaf hydrangea ( Hydrangea quercifolia ) ( Hagen et al., 2014 ), and redbud ( Cercis canadensis ) ( Nambuthiri et al., 2015a ) without

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Seenivasan Natarajan and Jeff S. Kuehny

of redbud ( Cercis canadensis L.) seedlings for 21 d at 35 °C day/25 °C night showed that ecotypes having thicker leaves had better plant growth and tolerated subsequent drought stress conditions ( Griffin et al., 2004 ). Many bedding plants are

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Judson S. LeCompte, Amy N. Wright, Charlene M. LeBleu, and J. Raymond Kessler

redbud ( Cercis canadensis var. mexicana ), and crapemyrtle ( Lagerstroemia sp.) have all been screened and found to be tolerant of saline irrigation water ( Cabrera, 2009 ; Niu et al., 2010 ; Valdez-Aguilar et al., 2011 ; Yeager et al., 2010

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Chao Dong, Xue Li, Yue Xi, and Zong-Ming Cheng

significantly increased the rooting percentage from 0% to 77% in 1.5 months. Although the extremely high concentration of IBA reported here for root induction is not commonly used, it had been reported for rooting initiation in redbud ( Cercis canadensis ) ( Dai

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Yunpeng Gao, Mingwei Zhu, Haoyu Wang, and Shuxian Li

inhibitors ( Samajdar et al., 2018 ). Chinese redbud ( Cercis chinensis ), which belongs to the family Caesalpiniaceae, is native to China and Japan ( Li, 1944 ). It is an important spring-flowering tree species because of its showy flowers that remain on