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Brian R. Poel and Erik S. Runkle

seedlings that have a high dry weight per internode or are otherwise compact are considered more desirable for shipping and successful transplant. In accordance with previous experiments raising seedlings under LED SSL, we expected more compact seedlings by

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Ibrahim Demir and Kazim Mavi

potential ( Mavi and Demir, 2007a , 2007b ), but these were not evaluated as predictors of longevity. The use of transplanted modules in cucurbit production places more emphasis on high germination to maximize the efficiency of module production. If

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Jason M. Lilley and Elsa S. Sánchez

, 30-weight (30 g·m −2 ) rowcovers (Agribond™, San Luis Potosi, Mexico) were installed over 64-inch-long spring steel wire hoops, arched 2 ft high over the rows immediately after transplanting over one row of each main plot. In the MM experiment, 19

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Zachary N. Hoppenstedt, Jason J. Griffin, Eleni D. Pliakoni, and Cary L. Rivard

yield (all grades by weight and number) after transplanting in JCPHC in 2017 and OHREC in 2016 and 2017. Table 7. Effect of high tunnel (HT) and open-field (OF) production of slips from organic sweetpotato propagation beds grown in Haysville, KS (JCPHC

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Brian J. Pearson, Richard M. Smith, and Jianjun Chen

better in the southern United States where high temperatures are common and limited variations in seasonal photoperiod exist. The objective of this study was to examine the influence of cultivar among two U.S. native ( H. lupulus var. neomexicanus ) and

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Kazim Mavi and Ibrahim Demir

Obtaining optimum and uniform plant stands in the field requires rapid seedling emergence. Various environmental stress factors such as low and high temperatures, mechanical stress, and high salinity affect emergence during stand establishment in

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Dewayne L. Ingram and Charles R. Hall

wire manufacturing and welding the basket together, which was not included in the previously published data. This difference was 0.727 kg CO 2 e per tree. Data for some processes and input products used in SimaPro analyses included embedded impacts of

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Fumiomi Takeda, Thomas Tworkoski, Chad E. Finn, and Charles C. Boyd

expensive and need a high capital investment, but a few small nurseries are still using leafy softwood cuttings taken in summer from stock plants growing in screen house to propagate blackberry plants (J. Ballington, personal communication). Propagation of

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Martin Makgose Maboko, Isa Bertling, and Christian Phillipus Du Plooy

roots and grow extensively between and within living cortical cells, forming a very large and dynamic interface between symbionts ( Farahani et al., 2008 ). Mycorrhizae are known to increase plant growth, yield, and quality in high salinity soils ( Mouk

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Hanna Y. Hanna

, longer periods needed for producing the transplants, and the additional costs of the rootstock ( Rivard et al., 2010 ). The high costs often discourage potential growers even with the additional benefits of increased yield and reduction of pest control