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Lívia Lopes Coelho, Amalia Fkiara, Kathryn Kuligowska Mackenzie, Renate Müller, and Henrik Lütken

Genome Biol. 16 192 Cardoso, J.C. Ono, E.O. Rodrigues, J.D. 2012 Gibberellic acid in vegetative and reproductive development of Phalaenopsis orchid hybrid genus Hort. Bras. 30 71 74 Chen, J. Henny, R.J. McConnell, D.B. Caldwell, R.D. 2003 Gibberellic

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Neil O. Anderson and Richard T. Olsen

years later he became a Market Gardener, where he attempted his first crosses with vegetables to create earlier types ( Howard, 1945 ). This was not successful because he used noninbred parents, which meant that the F 1 hybrids did not possess hybrid

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Anna J. Talcott Stewart, Terri Boylston, Lester Wilson, and William R. Graves

Knudsen, J.T. Tollsten, L. 1993 Floral scents—A checklist of volatile compounds isolated by head-space techniques Bot. J. Linn. Soc. 113 263 284 Lancaster, R 1995 Ptelea trifoliata ‘Aurea’ Garden

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I-Ling Lai, Chih-Wan Lin, Tsai-Yu Chen, and Wei-Hsin Hu

Yunnan, China Bull. Bot. Gard. Toyama 13 41 46 Gu, C.Z. Peng, C.I. Turland, N.J. 2007 Begoniaceae, p. 153–207. In: Z.Y. Wu, P.H. Raven, and D.Y. Hong (eds.). Flora of China, Vol. 13. Sci. Press, Beijing and Missouri Botanical Garden Press, St. Louis, MO

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Carrie A. Radcliffe, James M. Affolter, and Hazel Y. Wetzstein

-grown plants in the Atlanta Botanical Garden's conservation collection. Plants were ≈90 to 120 cm tall and potted in 11-L pots. Plants represented genotypes from a population in the Big Hammock Natural Area in Tattnall County, GA. Flowers were open

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Mozhgan Zangeneh and Hassan Salehi

the universal ornamental trade and profitably used for bulb and flower production of outdoor and potted plants and fresh-cut flowers, as well for landscaping in private gardens. Although ornamental geophytes constitute more than 800 genera, the

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Chun-Qing Sun, Zhi-Hu Ma, Guo-Sheng Sun, Zhong-Liang Dai, Nian-jun Teng, and Yue-Ping Pan

Water lilies ( Nymphaea spp.) are important ornamental flower plants that are widely cultivated in gardens for the purpose of environment beautification as well as water purification. According to their ecological characteristics, water lilies can

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Juanxu Liu, Min Deng, Richard J. Henny, Jianjun Chen, and Jiahua Xie

of viruses, including citrus leprosies virus, orchid fleck virus, and coffee ringspot virus ( Miranda et al., 2007 ). Micropropagation has become an important method of generating disease-free propagules of ornamental foliage plants ( Chen and Henny

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Xinyi Zhang, Li Liao, Zhiyong Wang, Changjun Bai, and Jianxiu Liu

). The accessions were grown under field conditions at the Agronomy Garden, Hainan University, Haikou, Hainan, China (20°03′ N, 110°19′ E; 69.8 m above sea level). This area experiences a tropical monsoon climate. The average annual rainfall is 900

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Xiaojie Zhao, Guihong Bi, Richard L. Harkess, and Eugene K. Blythe

preferable for improving growth and flowering in hybrid phalaenopsis orchid ( Phalaenopsis ) ( Wang, 2008 ). Rohozinski et al. (1986) found supplying ammonium to apple trees ( Malus pumila ) increased floral initiation. In some plants, N form has no