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Fengyun Zhao, Yu Jiang, Xiufeng He, Huaifeng Liu, and Kun Yu

applied in Xinjiang’s forestry and fruit industries, especially in grape production. However, the existing fertilization mode of integrated drip irrigation with water and fertilizer relies heavily on the use of chemical fertilizers. Due to the poor soil

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Michael W. Smith, Charles T. Rohla, and William D. Goff

with soil samples is that fertilizers may not be distributed equally over the entire orchard floor. Frequently, producers band or apply the fertilizer to only a portion of the orchard floor, and some nutrients are foliar rather than soil applied. Soil

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Wendy A. Johnson, Raymond A. Cloyd, James R. Nechols, Kimberly A. Williams, Nathan O. Nelson, Dorith Rotenberg, and Megan M. Kennelly

Nitrogen (N) is an essential nutrient that crops require for growth and development ( Jones, 1998 ; Raven and Smith, 1976 ). The availability and form of N may vary depending on fertilizer type. Organic fertilizers, which are derived from natural

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David R. Bryla and Bernadine C. Strik

) ( Korcak, 1988 ). However, despite the plant’s ability to subsist with little to no fertilizer, a good fertilization program is necessary for rapid plant growth and high-quality fruit production ( Hanson and Hancock, 1996 ; Hart et al., 2006 ). Nitrogen is

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Arleen Godoy and Janet C. Cole

Co. and fertilizers were formulated for this study by IMC Vigoro. The technical assistance of Paula Craig is greatly appreciated. The cost of publishing this paper was defrayed in part by the payment of page charges. Under postal regulations, this

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Yang Chen, Xianzhi Zhou, Yongsheng Lin, and Lina Ma

field of fertilization technology to cultivate pumpkin. The study by Liu et al. (2014) showed that changing the ratio of water and N in the fertilizer had a significant effect on root growth, yield, and water–N use efficiency during C. moschata

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T.K. Broschat, D.R. Sandrock, M.L. Elliott, and E.F. Gilman

, 2005a ). For maintenance of landscape palms in Florida, fertilizers having an analysis of 8N–0.9P–10.0K–4Mg plus Fe, Mn, copper (Cu), Zn, and B with 100% of the N, K, and Mg in these blends in controlled release form are recommended ( Broschat, 2005a

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Bielinski M. Santos

in groundwaters is agricultural fertilizers. Therefore, appropriate N fertilization programs are needed to support the current best management practice efforts in the state. Informal surveys among strawberry growers in west-central Florida indicated

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Mike Murray and Carrie Young

29 ORAL SESSION 2 (Abstr. 013–019) Vegetable Crops: Fertilizer Management

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Kathryn M. Santos, Paul R. Fisher, and William R. Argo

involves considerable application of water for control of humidity, soil moisture, and as a means to apply water-soluble fertilizer. In a typical rooting environment for vegetative cuttings, water is initially supplied by either mist emitters or automated