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Joshua Sherman, Richard J. Heerema, Dawn VanLeeuwen, and Rolston St. Hilaire

Terry, N. Ulrich, A. 1974 Photosynthetic and respiratory CO 2 exchange of sugar beet as influenced by manganese deficiency Crop Sci. 14 4 502 504 Thompson, T.E. Grauke, L.J. 1991 Pecans and other Hickories (Carya) Acta Hort. 290 839 906 U

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Nastaran Basiri Jahromi, Amy Fulcher, Forbes Walker, James Altland, Wesley Wright, and Neal Eash

( Quercus spp.), hickory ( Carya spp.), and yellow poplar ( Liriodendron tulipifera ) subjected to fast pyrolysis at ≈1000 °C, with chemical and physical properties shown in Table 1 . ‘Silver Dollar’ hydrangea rooted cuttings (Griffith Propagation Nursery

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Jennifer Reeve and Dan Drost

frost, plants were covered with Reemay™ (17 g·m −2 ; Old Hickory, TN) until early May when night temperatures were no longer likely to drop below freezing. The tunnels were cross-ventilated by opening the doors and lifting the sides of the tunnels when

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Leonardo Lombardini, Hermann Restrepo-Diaz, and Astrid Volder

.E. Grauke, L.J. 1991 Pecans and other hickories ( Carya ) Acta Hort. 290 839 904 Thompson, T.E. Grauke, L.J. 2000 ‘Pawnee’ pecan J. Amer. Pomol. Soc. 54 110 113 Thompson, T

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Matthew Chappell, Carol Robacker, and Tracie M. Jenkins

., 2000 ) to determine the hierarchical partitioning of genetic variability among all species, populations within a single species, and within each population. Hickory version 1.0.4 ( Holsinger et al., 2002 ) was used to calculate panmictic heterozygosity

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Uttara C. Samarakoon and James E. Faust

; Oasis Wedge®; Smithers-Oasis) on 22 May. Trays were placed under a spunbond polyester fabric tent (Reemay ® ; Reemay Inc., Old Hickory, TN) and sub-irrigated with water every day for 4 weeks, and then every other day after that for an additional 4 weeks

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Andrea R. Hefty, Mark V. Coggeshall, Brian H. Aukema, Robert C. Venette, and Steven J. Seybold

.E. Yaghmour, M. Cranshaw, W. Seybold, S.J. Bostock, R.M. Tisserat, N. 2013 Susceptibility of walnut and hickory species to Geosmithia morbida Plant Dis. 97 601 607 10.1093/ee/7.3.405 Walter, A.J. Venette, R.C. Kells, S.A. 2010 Acceptance and suitability of

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John Cline, Gerry Neilsen, Eugene Hogue, Shawn Kuchta, and Denise Neilsen

polypropylene rowcover material (Reemay® cloth, style 206, 34 g·m −2 ; Fiberweb, Old Hickory, TN), 6) SOM over 1.1-m-wide 4-mil black polyethylene, 7) SOM over polyethylene over 4.5 kg·m −2 (DW basis) MCB, and 8) SOM incorporated with 3 kg·ha −1 dichlobenil

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Ronald S. Revord, J. Michael Nave, Ronald S. Revord, J. Michael Nave, Gregory Miller, Nicholas Meier, J. Bryan Webber, Michael A. Gold, and Tom Wahl

to phytophthora root rot is noted ( Craddock and Perkins, 2019 ). ‘Qing’ ( C. mollissima ) was discovered as a yard tree in Hickory, Kentucky, where it was planted sometime between the late 1950s and early 1960s. Its origin is unknown, but it may

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Yi Gong, Ronald B. Pegg, Adrian L. Kerrihard, Brad E. Lewis, and Richard J. Heerema

.E. Kerrihard, A.L. 2017 Chemical and nutritive characteristics of tree nut oils available in the US market Eur. J. Lipid Sci. Technol. 119 1600520 Gong, Y. Pegg, R.B. 2017 Separation of ellagitannin-rich phenolics from U.S. pecans and Chinese hickory nuts using