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Robert C. Ebel, Said Hamido, and Kelly T. Morgan

the apoplast. It is deposited on the exterior of leaves during rain events and it uses its flagella to move through stomatal apertures and into substomatal chambers ( Gottwald and Graham, 1992 ; Koizumi and Kuhara, 1982 ; Stall et al., 1982 ), where

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Roger Kjelgren, Lixue Wang, and Daryl Joyce

that may have constrained stomatal aperture ( Sanchez-Blanco et al., 2004 ), the overall effect being something of a hysteresis curve for g s versus substrate moisture. Similarly, post rewatering g s in Dianella , at 28% root zone water content

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Yajun Chen, Jingjin Yu, and Bingru Huang

images of leaf epidermis showing stomatal aperture of tall fescue leaves in well-watered plants with ambient CO 2 concentration (400 μmol·mol −1 ) ( A ), drought-stressed plants (10 d) with ambient CO 2 concentration ( B ), well-watered plants with

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Feifei Li, Da Zhan, Lixin Xu, Liebao Han, and Xunzhong Zhang

is accompanied by an increase in the IAA content ( Tang and Zheng, 2008 ; Weiler et al., 1981 ). ABA plays a regulatory role in controlling stomatal aperture under heat stress ( Strivastava, 2002 ). Rapid ABA accumulation has been observed when

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B. Shaun Bushman, Lijun Wang, Xin Dai, Alpana Joshi, Joseph G. Robins, and Paul G. Johnson

porometer chamber. Measurements were conducted in less than 60 s to ensure the stomatal aperture was unchanged. EL was determined as described by Blum and Ebercon (1981) , and reported as the percentage of the total electrolytes that leaked from cells

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Manuel G. Astacio and Marc W. van Iersel

) reported that ABA levels in leaves were inversely related to stomatal aperture but concluded that ABA levels alone are not a great indicator of g S , because only a portion of ABA in the leaves is involved with regulating stomata ( Walton, 1980 ). We found

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Mengmeng Gu, Curt R. Rom, James A. Robbins, and Derrick M. Oosterhuis

( Martinez et al., 2003 ). Potassium is believed to be involved in maintaining turgor of guard cells and facilitating stomatal aperture ( Taiz and Zeiger, 1998 ). Recovery of g Sws/ww and thus recovery of Pn ws/ww in the second stage ( Fig. 3 ) could be

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Stefania De Pascale, Luisa Dalla Costa, Simona Vallone, Giancarlo Barbieri, and Albino Maggio

transpiration rate increases linearly with stomatal conductance ( g S ) as net CO 2 assimilation does, but the latter saturates at high g S due to enzymatic (rubisco) limitation. It is possible to improve WUE by reducing stomatal density and stomatal aperture

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Emily B. Merewitz, Thomas Gianfagna, and Bingru Huang

influence plant growth and development, including leaf senescence ( Naqvi, 1995 ) and stomatal aperture ( FuBeder et al., 1992 ). In a study with Medicago sativa , plants with a lower ABA content in roots and a higher CK-to-ABA ratio in leaves, as well as

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Xunzhong Zhang, Erik H. Ervin, Yiming Liu, Guofu Hu, Chao Shang, Takeshi Fukao, and Jasper Alpuerto

regulatory role in controlling stomatal aperture under drought stress ( Strivastava, 2002 ). Rapid ABA accumulation has been observed when plants are subjected to drought, salinity, and extreme temperatures ( Xiong et al., 2002 ). However, the interrelations