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Traits in Avocado Efficient root systems increase the use of resources and improve productivity of cultivated plants. Propagation techniques can influence the root architecture of fruit crops. Fassio et al. (p. 63) investigated the effects of current

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Thomas E. Marler

cycad root communication. Root architecture is also responsive to the presence of neighbor roots in a manner that is distinct from biomass allocation ( Nord et al., 2011 ); therefore, determining root architecture responses to neighbor roots would also

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David H. Suchoff, Christopher C. Gunter, and Frank J. Louws

nitrogen nutrition Plant Soil 286 7 19 Ho, M.D. Rosas, J.C. Brown, K.M. Lynch, J.P. 2005 Root architectural tradeoffs for water and phosphorus acquisition Funct. Plant Biol. 32 737 748 Huang, B. Eissenstat, D.M. 2000 Linking hydraulic conductivity to

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Stephanie E. Burnett, Donglin Zhang, Lois B. Stack, and Zhongqi He

-deficient plants have greater root dry weight than plants grown with sufficient P ( Vance et al., 2003 ). These increases in root dry weight are typically reflected in changes in root architecture as well. Most plants such as Arabidopsis thaliana (L.) Heynh

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Zhipei Feng, Xitian Yang, Hongyan Liang, Yuhua Kong, Dafeng Hui, Jiabao Zhao, Erhui Guo, and Beibei Fan

observed differences between these results may be due to differences in the planting sites ( Campbell et al., 2006 ) or the dimensions of the AP containers ( Mariotti et al., 2015 ). The preceding studies have primarily focused on the root architecture and

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Desire Djidonou, Xin Zhao, Karen E. Koch, and Lincoln Zotarelli

Bloom (1990) showed no clear relationship between tomato root distribution and soil N availability. Root architecture often changes in response to availability and distribution of inorganic nutrients in the soil ( Lopez-Bucio et al., 2003 ). High levels

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Eric M. Lyons, Robert H. Snyder, and Jonathan P. Lynch

different (Student's paired t test, P = 0.05). These results show that creeping bentgrass alters its root architecture with a nonuniform supply of P as observed in several species (reviewed in Hodge, 2004 ; Robinson, 1994 ). The mechanism for

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Maheshwari Asha, Mmbaga Margaret, Bhusal Bandana, and Ondzighi-Assoume Christine

root architecture and increased the formation of lateral roots on A. thaliana and tomato plants. These observations support reports on stimulated plant growth by VOCs from Bacillus , Pseudomonas , Enterobacter , and Streptomyces (Asari et al

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Gennaro Fazio, Yizhen Wan, Dariusz Kviklys, Leticia Romero, Richard Adams, David Strickland, and Terence Robinson

( Antanaviciute et al., 2012 ; Celton et al., 2009 ; Moriya et al., 2012 ) with the intent to increase the knowledge of rootstock-inherent and -mediated traits. These maps have been used to study the inheritance of root architecture in apple rootstocks ( Fazio

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Tingting Sun, Tingting Pei, Zhijun Zhang, Mingjun Li, Linlin Huang, Cuiying Li, Xueyan Shi, Minghui Zhan, Xiaoyu Cao, Fengwang Ma, and Changhai Liu

day 30 of the experimental period, roots and leaves were harvested separately. Assays of plant growth and investigation of root architecture. To evaluate their dry weights (DWs), the shoot and root portions were oven-dried individually at 105 °C for 15