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Claudia Elkins and Marc W. van Iersel

probe (HMP50; Vaisala, Helsinki, Finland) housed in a radiation shield placed on the bench adjacent to the middle block. Supplemental lighting treatments consisted of four photoperiods (12, 15, 18, and 21 h). The DLI in each section with a quantum sensor

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Giverson Mupambi, Stefano Musacchi, Sara Serra, Lee A. Kalcsits, Desmond R. Layne, and Tory Schmidt

increased ambient temperature. Kalcsits et al. (2017) found no significant differences in ambient temperature under photoselective PN compared with an uncovered control. The inconsistent results obtained may be due to radiation shielding not being used

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Marc W. van Iersel, Matthew Chappell, and John D. Lea-Cox

construction of low-cost radiation shields, see Tarara and Hoheisel (2007) . Thermocouples also are commonly used for temperature measurements. They consist of two wires made of different metal, commonly copper and constantan, which make “type T” thermocouples

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Lloyd L. Nackley, Elias Fernandes de Sousa, Bruno J.L. Pitton, Jared Sisneroz, and Lorence R. Oki

in a naturally illuminated temperature-controlled glasshouse (Davis, CA, GPS 38.536479, –121.7470306). The air temperature was measured with radiation-shielded thermocouples. Solar radiation at the canopy level was measured with a photosynthetically

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Suzanne O’Connell

[ PPF (QSO-S PAR Photon Flux; Apogee Instruments, Logan, UT)], and leaf wetness [LW (Decagon Devices)]. The air temperature and RH probes were placed inside radiation shields provided by the manufacturer. Average values for each parameter were recorded

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Alexander G. Litvin, Christopher J. Currey, and Lester A. Wilson

light provided from high-pressure sodium (HPS) lamps or light-emitting diodes with a low blue (B) to red (R) ratio [LB (7:93 B:R)], or high B:R ratio [HB (30:70 B:R)]. Thermistors (CS215; Campbell Scientific, Logan, UT), inside an aspirated radiation

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Geoffrey Weaver and Marc W. van Iersel

driver via an analog output module (SDM-A04A; Campbell Scientific). The datalogger was also used to record temperature and relative humidity as measured by a temperature and relative humidity sensor (HMP50; Vaisala, Woburn, MA) housed in a radiation

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Kelly M. Gude, Eleni D. Pliakoni, Brianna Cunningham, Kanwal Ayub, Qing Kang, Channa B. Rajashekar, and Cary L. Rivard

. Radiation shields were used to further protect the canopy probes from direct sunlight, and soil temperature probes were in sealed metal containers to prevent damage from soil moisture (Lascar Electronics). Temperatures were recorded every 30 min, and results

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Kaitlyn M. Orde and Rebecca Grube Sideman

row so that there were four replications of temperature sensors for each cover treatment. Air temperatures were collected under a solar radiation shield placed 12 inches above bed height. Soil temperatures were collected at soil depth of 3 inches