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Toshio Shibuya, Mizuki Tsuchida, Ryosuke Endo, and Yoshiaki Kitaya

the growing area. Four days after transplanting to the pots (i.e., at 14 DAS), we measured the DM and leaf area of the remaining five seedlings in each treatment group. We calculated the relative growth rate (RGR, d −1 ), net assimilation rate (NAR

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Adolfo Rosati, Andrea Paoletti, Giorgio Pannelli, and Franco Famiani

RGR and net assimilation rate (growth per unit leaf area) of 24 C3 species ( Poorter and Remkes, 1990 ), suggesting that greater biomass partitioning into leaf area, and not higher photosynthetic rates, was the mechanism leading to higher RGR

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Hala G. Zahreddine, Daniel K. Struve, and Salma N. Talhouk

were calculated. From the dry weights and leaf area data, net assimilation rate (NAR), leaf area ratio (LAR), and relative growth rate (RGR) were calculated according to Evans (1972) . To calculate NAR, LAR, and RGR, plants within the initial and

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Leonardo Lombardini, Hermann Restrepo-Diaz, and Astrid Volder

of net assimilation rate (A) to increasing PPF for sun and shade leaves of ‘Pawnee’ pecan trees through the 2007 growing season. Data are average ± se (n = 5); curves were fitted according to Hanson et al. (1987) . Arrows indicate 95% of maximum

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Brian Christensen, Sridevy Sriskandarajah, and Renate Müller

Poorter, H. Remkes, C. 1990 Leaf area ration and net assimilation rate of 24 wild species differing in relative rate Oecologia 83 553 559 Prinsen, E. Chriqui, D. Vilaine, F. Tepfer, M

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Ariana P. Torres and Roberto G. Lopez

. 1990 Leaf area ratio and net assimilation rate of 24 wild species differing in relative growth rate Oecologia 83 553 559 Pramuk, L.A. Runkle, E.S. 2005 Photosynthetic daily light integral during the seedling stage influences subsequent growth and

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Carlos Campillo, M.I. García, C. Daza, and M.H. Prieto

1036 1043 Watson, D.J. 1947 Comparative physiological studies on the growth of field crops: I. Variation in net assimilation rate and leaf area between species and varieties, and with and between years Ann. Bot. (Lond.) 11

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Tadahisa Higashide and Ep Heuvelink

period between the two measurements. Net assimilation rate (NAR) was calculated as RGR divided by LAR during the period. Leaf weight ratio (LWR) was calculated as LAR divided by SLA. Results Effect of breeding in Dutch cultivars. Harvest of fruit was

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Emad Bsoul, Rolston St. Hilaire, and Dawn M. VanLeeuwen

assimilation rates and relative growth rates, while those from selected provenances in Utah had high leaf area ratios ( Bsoul et al., 2006 ). Our objective was to compare drought responses of bigtooth maples indigenous to locations in Texas, New Mexico, and

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Francesco Rossini, Roberto Ruggeri, Tiziano Celli, Francesco Maria Rogai, Ljiljana Kuzmanović, and Michael D. Richardson

ascribed to leaf expansion that compensates for a reduced net assimilation rate, thus resulting in an increased photosynthetic capacity per plant ( Adams and Langton, 2005 ; Solhaug, 1991 ). Moreover, even though leaves and tillers of different cool