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Hanseul Park and Yeh-Jin Ahn

( Waters, 2013 ). The α- and β-crystallins are major proteins in the vertebrate eye lens, where they increase the refractive index and also play a protective role ( Slingsby et al., 2013 ). Plants have the greatest numbers of sHsps among all other organisms

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Mingying Xiang, Justin Q. Moss, Dennis L. Martin, Kemin Su, Bruce L. Dunn, and Yanqi Wu

(660 nm) and near-IR (840 nm) spectral bands ( Spectrum Technologies, Inc., 2013 ). The FSNDVI is calculated by the equation of The lens was held 49 cm above the grass canopy. All the samples were taken between 1200 and 1300 hr under natural sun light

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Francesco Rossini, Roberto Ruggeri, Tiziano Celli, Francesco Maria Rogai, Ljiljana Kuzmanović, and Michael D. Richardson

measured using a Dycam Agricultural Digital Camera (ADC; Dycam Inc., Chatworth, CA). The ADC was tailored for multiband photography in the red (635–667 nm) and near infrared (835–870 nm) wavebands, with spatial resolution of 496 × 365 pixels, the lens

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Natalie R. Bumgarner, Whitney S. Miller, and Matthew D. Kleinhenz

green lens filters were used in a series of test images. However, in our tests, the value of lens filters was reduced because ambient light levels were often insufficient and resulted in dark images that were difficult to analyze well. Third, during

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Elizabeth T. Barton, Emily A. Barton, Susan Barton, Cheryl R. Boyer, Jim Brosnan, Paul Hill, Jared Hoyle, Judson Reid, Jamie Seger, and Eric Stafne

). Media naturalness is one lens with which one can evaluate digitally mediated learner interaction between the instructor and other learners. Media naturalness theory ( Kock, 2005 ) holds that humans are biologically conditioned for face

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Eder J. Oliveira, Maria Lucia C. Vieira, Antonio Augusto F. Garcia, Carla F. Munhoz, Gabriel R.A. Margarido, Luciano Consoli, Frederico P. Matta, Michel C. Moraes, Maria I. Zucchi, and Maria Helena P. Fungaro

Keulemans, 2005 ), kiwifruit ( Actinidia chinensis Planch.) ( Testolin et al., 2001 ), and Lens L. ( Hamwich et al., 2005 ). The ratio of polymorphism was low in the yellow passion fruit, considering the information reported for other cultivated tropical

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Dawei Shi, Xiaodong Wei, Guoxiang Chen, and Yanli Xu

senescence, the chloroplasts from both sexes exhibited a normal ultrastructural organization; most were lens-like oblong-shaped with a typical arrangement of grana and stroma thylakoids; the appearance of osmiophilic granules was observed at this stage

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Chen Chen, Meng-Ke Zhang, Kang-Di Hu, Ke-Ke Sun, Yan-Hong Li, Lan-Ying Hu, Xiao-Yan Chen, Ying Yang, Feng Yang, Jun Tang, He-Ping Liu, and Hua Zhang

medium (for 16 h), medium supplemented with 2 m m H 2 O 2 (for 24 h), or medium supplemented with 0.02 m m menadione (for 30 h) were assessed under a compound microscope at 400 total magnification with 40 of the objective lens and 10 of eyepiece

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Peter M.A. Toivonen, Jared Stoochnoff, Kevin Usher, Changwen Lu, Paul A. Wiersma, and Chunhua Zhou

-absorbing polycarbonate lenses (Virtua Safety Glasses; 3M, St. Paul, MN) to prevent exposure of the peel to ultraviolet light emitted by the fluorescent light tubes of the growth chamber (Philips 56W, T8, High Output fluorescents; Philips Lighting Canada, Markham, ON

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Meiling Zhang, Ming Chen, Zhen Wang, Ting Wu, Yi Wang, Xinzhong Zhang, and Zhenhai Han

diameter by the polycapillary lens. The two-dimensional mapping was acquired by step mode: the sample was kept on a precision motor-driven stage, scanning 50 μm stepwise for latitudinal samples and 100 μm stepwise for longitudinal samples. The Si (Li) solid