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Jacqueline K. Burns, Richard S. Buker III, and Fritz M. Roka

, Fernando Alferez, Baylis Carnes, Rose Edwards, Barbara Hyman, Kuo-Tan Li, Luis Pozo, Ana Redondo, Shila Singh, Marcus Timpner, Katrina Van Tonder, Rongcai Yuan, Agricultural Machines, Inc., Coe-Collier Citrus Harvesting LLP, and Cooperative Producers, Inc

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Steve M. Spangler, Dennis D. Calvin, Joe Russo, and Jay Schlegel

harvest infestation and damage by european corn borer, corn earworm ( Helicoverpa zea ), and fall armyworm ( Spodoptera frugiperda ). Producers of fresh market sweet corn plant on a succession of dates to provide a continuous supply of produce for the

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Ayoub Fathi-Najafabadi, Cristina Besada, Rebeca Gil, and Alejandra Salvador

Rojo Brillante in the Valencian Community of Spain ( Perucho, 2018 ). Centralized production of a single cultivar is one of the main problems that the persimmon industry must face, as this implies a major commercial limitation given harvesting period

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Ronnie W. Schnell, Donald M. Vietor, Richard H. White, Tony L. Provin, and Clyde L. Munster

mineralization over immobilization rates from organic amendments is insufficient to meet turfgrass requirements, supplemental fertilizer N applications could be needed ( Flavel and Murphy, 2006 ). Turfgrass coverage rates and the duration between sod harvests

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Steven A. Sargent, Adrian D. Berry, Jeffrey G. Williamson, and James W. Olmstead

Rabbiteye blueberries ( Vaccinium virgatum ) are more resistant to mechanical harvesting and have been MH for fresh market for many years. Mainland et al. (1975) studied the quality of HH highbush blueberry ( Vaccinium corymbosum ) cultivars

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S.M. Smith, J.W. Scott, J.A. Bartz, and S.A. Sargent

direct impact of water streams on fruit surfaces during unloading from gondolas or bins. Additionally, in some packinghouses field bins are shaded under ambient conditions and not unloaded until the day after harvest, which leads to lower fruit

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Iftikhar Ahmad, John M. Dole, and Frank A. Blazich

Many post-production factors affect vase life of cut flowers including developmental stage at harvest, temperature during the vase period, water loss, and various aspects of the vase solution such as sucrose levels, microbial populations, pH

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Nancy J. Chen, Marisa M. Wall, Robert E. Paull, and Peter A. Follett

greenish yellow flesh of a buttery texture ( Yee, 1957 ). The ‘Sharwil’ is often considered a gourmet avocado because it has a rich, nutty flavor. Determining harvest maturity for ‘Sharwil’ fruit can be difficult. If harvested immature, the fruit typically

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Kelly T. Morgan, Smita Barkataky, Davie Kadyampakeni, Robert Ebel, and Fritz Roka

industry faces daunting challenges as a result of citrus Huanglongbing ( Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus) ( Morgan et al., 2009 ) and rising costs of hand-harvesting combined with decreasing availability of labor ( Trimmer, 2012 ). Harvesting accounts

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Josep Rufat, Agustí J. Romero-Aroca, Amadeu Arbonés, Josep M. Villar, Juan F. Hermoso, and Miquel Pascual

In recent years, the increasing consumption of olive oil has boosted the planting of intensive and superintensive orchard systems to achieve competitive production costs ( Arbonés et al., 2014 ). Continuous mechanical harvesting is a key management