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Kaori Ando, Sue Hammar, and Rebecca Grumet

.g., damping-off on processing pumpkin and fruit rot on cucumber). It is favored by wet and warm environments and can spread with water such as rain splash or irrigation. The symptoms observed during the disease progression of P. capsici -infected fruit are a

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Dario J. Chavez, Eileen A. Kabelka, and José X. Chaparro

stage, producing damping-off, root rot, crown rot, foliar blight, and fruit rot symptoms ( Hausbeck and Lamour, 2004 ). Losses resulting from P. capsici in commercial production can reach 100%. Chemical, cultural, and mechanical practices have been

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Xiuling Tian and Youbin Zheng

level on biological control of rhizoctonia damping-off of radish induced by Flavobacterium balustinum 299 and Trichoderma hamatum 328 Phytopathology 87 S55 Margolles-Clark, E. Hayes, C.K. Harman, G.E. Penttila, M. 1996 Improved production of

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André Snyder, Matthew J. Morra, Jodi Johnson-Maynard, and Donald C. Thill

increased apple root infection by resident Pythium spp., a pathogen known to cause pre-emergence damping-off in a variety of plant species ( Mazzola et al., 2007 ). Different seeding times and environmental conditions between years may provide an

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Kyle E. LaPlant, Gregory Vogel, Ella Reeves, Christine D. Smart, and Michael Mazourek

and pumpkin plants can be affected by P. capsici during various growth stages, resulting in seedling damping off, vine and foliar blight, and fruit rot ( Babadoost, 2004 ; Babadoost and Islam, 2003 ; Hausbeck and Lamour, 2004 ; Krasnow et al

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Vincent M. Russo and Wayne W. Fish

. 81 97 168 Zaki, K. Misaghi, I.J. Heydari, A. Shatla, M.N. 1998 Control of cotton seedling damping-off in the field by Burkholderia ( Pseudomonas ) cepacia Plant Dis. 82 291 293 Zehnder, G.W. Murphy, J.F. Sikora, E.J. Klopper, W. 2001 Application of

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Ryan S. Donahoo, William W. Turechek, Judy A. Thies, and Chandrasekar S. Kousik

Fungicide seed treatment effects on seedling damping-off of pumpkin caused by Phytophthora capsici Plant Dis. 87 63 68 Babadoost, M. Zitter, T.A. 2009 Fruit rots of pumpkin: A serious threat to the pumpkin industry Plant Dis. 93 772 782 Boyhan, G. Norton, J

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Emma C. Lookabaugh, Brian Whipker, and Barbara B. Shew

.C. 2008 Resistance of the soybean cultivar archer to pythium damping-off and root rot caused by several Pythium spp Plant Dis. 92 763 766 Celio, G.J. Hausbeck, M.K. 1997 Evaluation of poinsettia cultivars for susceptibility to powdery mildew HortScience

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David Noshad, Andrew Riseman, and Zamir Punja

, 1996 , 1997a ; Smith, 1960 ; Snyder et al., 1959 ). After infection, the fungus causes both black root rot diseases and seedling damping-off. In Canada, this pathogen causes black root rot on carrot ( Daucus carota ) ( Punja et al., 1992 ) and

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Gregg C. Munshaw, John M. Layton, Barry R. Stewart, H. Wayne Philley, Jeffrey S. Beasley, and Rocky W. Lemus

counting intervals. Although a commercially applied seedcoating may help decrease damping off caused by Pythium or Rhizoctonia species, reduce seed loss from feeding birds or insects, and reduce planting rate error ( Rodgers, 2003 ), the experimental