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James R. Schupp, Thomas M. Kon, and H. Edwin Winzeler

use as late thinners. ACC is the precursor to ethylene ( Adams and Yang, 1979 ). Several characteristics of ACC seem favorable for potential development as a plant bioregulator. ACC is a naturally occurring amino acid. The conversion of S

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both within and between rows without supplemental herbicide use. Both implements can reduce labor and herbicide inputs in first-year strawberry plantings. Bioregulator applications increase return bloom in apple Many important apple varieties may

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Smit le Roux and Graham H. Barry

.A. 1989 Triazole bioregulators reduce internode length and increase branch angle of citrus Acta Hort. 239 277 280

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Clíssia Barboza da Silva, Julio Marcos-Filho, Pablo Jourdan, and Mark A. Bennett

). 24-Epibrassinolide, which belongs to the group of steroid hormones called BRs, is among the growth regulators included in priming treatment. This bioregulator occurs naturally in plant cells at very low concentrations ( Mandava, 1988 ); therefore

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Anita Solar, Jerneja Jakopič, Robert Veberič, and Franci Štampar

for scions. Over the last decade in deciduous fruit tree production, prohexadione-calcium (ProCa) has been introduced as a plant bioregulator to control vegetative and cropping performance. ProCa, an acylcyclohexadione, is a new plant growth

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Steven McArtney, Duane Greene, Terence Robinson, and James Wargo

, size, and shape of ‘Delicious’ apples J. Amer. Soc. Hort. Sci. 109 28 30 Lafer, G. 2008 Effects of different bioregulator applications on fruit set, yield and fruit quality of ‘Williams’ pears Acta Hort. 800 183 188 Luckwill, L.C. 1960 The effect of

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Matthew Arrington, Mateus S. Pasa, and Todd C. Einhorn

cultivars Acta Hort. 884 379 382 Bangerth, F. 2000 Abscission and thinning of young fruit and their regulation by plant hormones and bioregulators Plant Growth Regulat. 31 43 59 Black, B. Petracek, P.D. Bukovac, M.J. 1995 The effect of temperature or uptake

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Martin Makgose Maboko and Christian Phillipus Du Plooy

Asian J. Plant Sci. 1 24 Belakbir, A. Ruiz, J.M. Romero, L. 1998 Yield and fruit quality of pepper ( Capsicum annuum L.) in response to bioregulators HortScience 33 85 87 Chhonkar, V.S. Ghufran, M.H. 1968 Effect of starters and NAA on growth and yield

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Michael W. Smith

.W. and J.A. Payne (eds.). Pecan husbandry: Challenges and opportunities. Proc. First National Pecan Workshop, U.S. Dept. Agr., Agric. Res. Serv., ARS-96 Wood, B.W. 2011 Influence of plant bioregulators on pecan flowering and implications for regulation of

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Diane M. Camberato, James J. Camberato, and Roberto G. Lopez

, indole butyric acid, and treatment solution pH on rooting and on ethylene levels within mung bean cuttings Plant Physiol. 61 271 273 Nickell, L.G. 1994 Plant growth regulators in agriculture and horticulture, p. 9−18. In: Heden, P. (ed.) Bioregulators for