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Yasutaka Kano

location of acid invertase and sucrose in vacuoles isolated from storage roots of red beet ( Beta vulgaris L.) Biochem. J. 178 53 57 Marcano, L. Carruyo, I. Del. Campo, A. Montiel, X. 2004

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Hisayo Yamane, Megumi Ichiki, Ryutaro Tao, Tomoya Esumi, Keizo Yonemori, Takeshi Niikawa, and Hino Motosugi

Klann, E.M. Hall, B. Bennett, A.B. 1996 Antisense acid invertase (TIV1) gene alters soluble sugar composition and size in transgenic tomato fruit Plant Physiol. 112 1321 1330 Kobayashi, S. Goto

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Shuguang Wang, Yongpeng Ma, Chengbin Wan, Chungyun Hse, Todd F. Shupe, Yujun Wang, and Changming Wang

, G. Liese, W. 2005 Soluble carbohydrates and acid invertases involved in the rapid growth of developing culms in Sasa palmata (bean) Camus. Bamboo Sci. Cult. 19 23 29 Mano, Y. Nemoto, K. 2012 The pathway of auxin biosynthesis in plants J. Expt. Bot

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Shigenori Yaguchi, Tetsuya Nakajima, Toshihisa Sumi, Naoki Yamauchi, and Masayoshi Shigyo

soluble solids and dry matter content were associated with two different RFLP markers, which are candidate genes of an acid invertase on chromosome 3 ( Havey et al., 2004 ) and a phloem-unloading sucrose transporter on chromosome 5 ( Martin et al., 2005

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Manasikan Thammawong, Daisuke Nei, Poritosh Roy, Nobutaka Nakamura, Takeo Shiina, Yuuichi Inoue, Hidenobu Hamachi, and Shigeyuki Nonaka

. 105 521 527 Magel, E. Kruse, S. Lütje, G. Liese, W. 2005 Soluble carbohydrates and acid invertases involved in the rapid growth of developing culm in Sasa palmata (Bean) Camus Bamboo Sci. Cult

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W. Roland Leatherwood, D. Mason Pharr, Lisa O. Dean, and John D. Williamson

seed germination, metabolism and growth of wheat Acta Agron. Sinica 23 247 251 Hubbard, N.L. Huber, S.C. Pharr, D.M. 1989 Sucrose phosphate synthase and acid invertase as determinants of sucrose

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ZhaoSen Xie, Charles F. Forney, WenPing Xu, and ShiPing Wang

. Jiang, A. Li, S. 2007 Nitrate uptake kinetics of grapevine under root restriction Scientia Hort. 111 358 364 Zhang, D.P. Lu, Y.M. Wang, Y.Z. Duan, C.Q. Yan, H.Y. 2001a Acid

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Evagelini Kitta, Nikolaos Katsoulas, Anna Kandila, Maria M. González-Real, and Alain Baille

carbohydrates in pepper (capsicum annuuml.) flowers in relation to their abscission under different shading regimes Ann. Bot. (Lond.) 78 163 168 Aloni, B. Pashkar, T. Karni, L. 1990 Partitioning of [14C] sucrose and acid invertase activity in reproductive organs

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Chieri Kubota, Mark Kroggel, Mohammad Torabi, Katherine A. Dietrich, Hyun-Jin Kim, Jorge Fonseca, and Cynthia A. Thomson

harvest (red ripeness stage) had relatively higher activity of acid invertase, which catalyzes the hydrolysis of sucrose to glucose and fructose. As a result, they found that fruit grown under high CO 2 concentration (700 to 900 μmol·mol −1 ) increased

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Jieshan Cheng, Peige Fan, Zhenchang Liang, Yanqiu Wang, Ning Niu, Weidong Li, and Shaohua Li

activities of acid invertase [AI (EC] and neutral invertase [NI (EC] were assayed in a reaction mixture (1 mL) containing 0.1 mol·L −1 Na-acetate (pH 4.8), 0.1 mol·L −1 sucrose, and 0.2 mL of extract. After incubation of the mixture for