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Kristin L. Getter

, the greenhouses set to an ADT of 16, 22, and 28 °C averaged 16.2, 22.4, and 27.2 °C, respectively (data not shown). The GI analysis of variance (ANOVA) table is shown by species for each week of the study in Table 1 . Week number 0 represented the day

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Sogo Nishio, Masahiko Yamada, Norio Takada, Hidenori Kato, Noriyuki Onoue, Yutaka Sawamura, and Toshihiro Saito

harvest from each tree by means of one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA). The phenotypic value of NW ( P 1 ijk ) for the k th nut of the j th tree of the i th genotype (cultivar/selection) was expressed using the following model: where the subscript 1

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Sogo Nishio, Masahiko Yamada, Yutaka Sawamura, Norio Takada, and Toshihiro Saito

studies assessing detecting QTLs, based on a large data set including several yearly repetitions. Environmental variance components have been obtained by analysis of variance (ANOVA) in many fruit crops ( Hansche and Beres, 1966 ; Hansche and Brooks, 1965

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Kareen Stanich, Margaret Cliff, and Cheryl Hampson

, storage times, and years. Descriptive statistics and curve fitting calculations were performed using MS Excel. Analysis of variance and PCA. Analysis of variance (ANOVA) was conducted on 14 parameters obtained from the distributions (mean, median, sd

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Tina M. Waliczek, Kathryn M. Parsley, Paula S. Williamson, and Florence M. Oxley

(ANOVA) was used to determine if pre- and posttest scores were different for each group, whereas an independent samples t test was conducted to compare posttest knowledge scores between the lecture and lecture and laboratory treatment groups. Paired t

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Kathryn Karsh, Edward Bush, Janice Hinson, and Pamela Blanchard

lessons from the Texas Junior Master Gardener Handbook to determine if students receiving these additional lessons scored higher on science achievement-based tests. In Smith's study, an analysis of variance (ANOVA) indicated that gender had no significant

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Emily G. Tenczar and Vera A. Krischik

number of bites. Twenty dishes contained native and ‘Dart's Gold’ discs, 20 contained native and ‘Monlo’, and 20 contained ‘Dart's Gold’ and ‘Monlo’. The experiment was replicated six times and analyzed by one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) (combined

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Dan E. Parfitt, Craig Kallsen, Joseph Maranto, and Brent Holtz

, location, and rootstock. Nut volumes were computed as volume = (π/6) × (length × width × height). Comparisons are made to ‘Kerman’ pistachio, the primary cultivar in California. General linear models analyses of variance (ANOVA) were performed with MINITAB

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O.M. Aguilar, T.M. Waliczek, and J.M. Zajicek

previous gardening knowledge or experience. Data analysis. The data collected from the post-tests of the experimental and control groups were compared using analysis of variance (ANOVA), multivariate ANOVA, and t tests to expose any differences between

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George C.J. Fernandez

measurements are considered nonindependent and underestimate the experiment errors. Therefore, repeated-measures analysis of variance (ANOVA) ( Fernandez 1991 ; Littell et al., 2006 ) should be used when analyzing the horticultural experiments involving