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Kelly T. Morgan, T. Adair Wheaton, Larry R. Parsons, and William S. Castle

methods (U.S. EPA, method 351.2) using steam distillation (Buchi Analytical, New Castle, DE). Other leaf elemental concentrations were determined using nitric acid/hydrogen peroxide digestion and determination with inductively coupled plasma (ICP

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Pengpeng Duan, Ying Sun, Yuling Zhang, Qingfeng Fan, Na Yu, Xiuli Dang, and Hongtao Zou

and placed in a rotary shaker for 24 h to disintegrate the clay minerals containing fixed NH 4 + . The NH 4 + released by HF-HCl was determined by steam distillation of the soil–acid mixture with 10 M KOH and quantified by titration. Soil microbial

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Kelly T. Morgan, T. Adair Wheaton, William S. Castle, and Laurence R. Parsons

steam distillation (Buchi Analytical, Inc., New Castle, DE). Statistical analysis. Treatments for both the young tree and maturing tree portions of the study were maintained for 5 years, but reported results are based on the last 3 years of each study

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John J. Sloan, Raul I. Cabrera, Peter A.Y. Ampim, Steve A. George, and Wayne A. Mackay

by digesting the plant samples in concentrated sulfuric acid followed by steam distillation ( Bremner, 1996 ). Total P, K, Ca, Mg, Zn, Cu, Cr, and Ni were measured by dry-ashing samples in a muffle furnace at 550 °C and dissolving the ash in 2.5 M

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Ugur Bilgili, F. Olcay Topac-Sagban, Irfan Surer, Nejla Caliskan, Pervin Uzun, and Esvet Acikgoz

( Bremner and Mulvaney, 1982 ), and nitrate- and ammonium-N concentrations were determined by steam distillation with MgO and Devarda alloy ( Keeney and Nelson, 1982 ) after 2 M KCl extraction. A 0.5 N NaHCO 3 solution was used to extract available P, and

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Ricardo Goenaga, Brian Irish, and Angel Marrero

inductively coupled plasma spectrometry ( Sumner and Miller, 2007 ). Organic carbon was determined by the Walkley-Black method ( Nelson and Sommers, 2007 ). Soil ammonium (NH 4 ) and nitrate (NO 3 ) were determined by steam distillation ( Mulvaney, 2007

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Laban K. Rutto, Yixiang Xu, Shuxin Ren, Holly Scoggins, and Jeanine Davis

). Absorbance readings were used to compute α and β acid content in dry matter for the different samples using formulas provided by the ASBC. Total volumes of essential oil in 100-g cone samples were quantified after steam distillation. Oil samples were prepared

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Andrew G. Reynolds, Amal Ehtaiwesh, and Christiane de Savigny

steam-generating flask, a distillation flask, and a condensing column (Lurex, Vineland, NJ). Within 15 to 20 min, the first 100 mL of distillate was collected into a 100-mL volumetric flask and stored at 4 °C. The same distillate was used to determine MA

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Fátima Medina-Lara, Ramón Souza-Perera, Manuel Martínez-Estévez, Manuel O. Ramírez-Sucre, Ingrid M. Rodríguez-Buenfil, and Ileana Echevarría Machado

) (potentiometer); % of organic carbon and organic material (OM) (Walkley and Black method); N (Kjeldahl, this was determined by the steam distillation process); phosphorus (extracted by the Olsen method and quantified by colorimetry); the exchangeable cations Ca