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Rebecca Nelson Brown and Josef H. Gorres

pavement. The soil remaining in the highway right-of-way after construction is generally of poor quality, low in organic matter and microbial activity, and has impaired cation exchange capacity ( Joshi et al., 2010 ; Muskett and Jones, 1981 ). Heat

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Shaun R. Broderick and Williams B. Evans

nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K), but supply organic matter and micronutrients, such as boron, magnesium (Mg), Cu, and zinc (Zn) ( Warman and Termeer, 2005 ). The ratio of N to P tends to be lower in composted biosolids because ≈15% of N is

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Michael A. Fidanza, David L. Sanford, David M. Beyer, and David J. Aurentz

, University Park) for processing and analysis. Laboratory tests measured the following properties: pH, carbon:nitrogen (C:N) ratio, soluble salts, solids, moisture, organic matter, carbon, total nitrogen (N), organic nitrogen, ammonium nitrogen, phosphate (P 2

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Amanda J. Davis and Bernadine C. Strik

of nutrients and organic matter, high pH and high levels of K and other nutrients ( Sullivan et al., 2014 ) are concerning for long-term management. Also, adding a yard-debris compost to a sawdust mulching program increased weed management costs

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Jose Linares, Johannes Scholberg, Kenneth Boote, Carlene A. Chase, James J. Ferguson, and Robert McSorley

Unit in Citra, FL (29º24′40″N, 82º08′56″W). Soil types at the experimental site were Candler and Tavares fine sand (≈97% to 98% sand in the upper 15 cm). The initial soil pH ranged from 4.8 to 5.1, and soil organic matter content was 5.4 g·kg −1 C

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J. J. Baron, T. J. Monaco, and C. M. Mainland


Hexazinone was applied as a soil drench to 1-year-old rooted hardwood cuttings of highbush (Vaccinium corymbosum L.) and rabbiteye (V. ashei Reade) blueberries in a series of greenhouse experiments. No differences in susceptibility to hexazinone were detected among 10 highbush and 3 rabbiteye cultivars growing in a fine sand soil. Two highbush and 2 rabbiteye cultivars were assayed for hexazinone tolerance in low, medium, and high organic matter soil which contained 1.3%, 3.5%, and 49.5% organic matter, respectively. Hexazinone at 1 or 2 kg/ha had no inhibitory effect on blueberry growth in the high organic matter soil, inhibited growth slightly on the medium organic matter soil and caused severe injury in the low organic matter soil. At rates of 4 and 8 kg/ha, injury was severe on the medium and low organic matter soils but very slight on the high organic matter soil.

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Ty A. McClellan, Roch E. Gaussoin, Robert C. Shearman, Charles S. Wortmann, Martha Mamo, Garald L. Horst, and David B. Marx

et al., 1997 , 2001 ; Sartain and Brown, 1998 ; Turgeon, 1999 ; Waddington, 1992 ). Sand-based root zones are generally low in organic matter, silt, and clay content that are important for water and nutrient retention ( Alexander, 1977 ; Beard

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Jongtae Lee

K. Organic matter was determined by the Tyurin method ( Schollenberger, 1927 ) and NO 3 -N content by reflectometry (RQ plus; Merck, Whitehouse Station, NJ). The Lancaster method ( RDA, 2002 ) was used in determining available P. An atomic absorption

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M. Lenny Wells

cultivated and grown commercially in the southeastern United States. The loamy bottomland ridges to which pecans are adapted typically consist of well-drained soils high in organic matter ( Sparks, 2005 ). By contrast, upland soils of the southeastern United

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Angela Y.Y. Kong, Cynthia Rosenzweig, and Joshua Arky

then harvested at the end of the season; whereas, landscaped green roofs have perennial biomass cover. It has been suggested that plant establishment and the reduction of labile organic matter in the substrate via decomposition and assimilation would