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Mahn-Jo Kim, Uk Lee, and Yunmi Park

, because its soluble solid content is 16.3%, kernel hardness is 10.3 kg·cm –2 , and pellicle removability is 90.0%, which are much higher than those of the control cultivar, Arima ( Castanea crenata Siebold & Zucc). This new cultivar is also suitable as a

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Mehmet Sutyemez

-producing countries of the world ( Sütyemez, 2015 ). Three new walnut cultivars with superior fruit yield and quality were developed through positive mass selection using selected genotypes from the Kahramanmaras and Kaman regions of Turkey. Origin In the first phase

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Cancan Zhu, Liu Liu, Min Wang, Yuqiang Zhao, Yu Chen, Xiaomei Lu, and Guomin Geng

A new Chinese chestnut cultivar, Jianding Youli ( Castanea mollissima Blume), was released from native chestnut trees in China by Institute of Botany, Jiangsu Province, and Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2017. This cultivar was preliminary selected

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Dan E. Parfitt, Craig E. Kallsen, and Joe Maranto

`Randy' is an early flowering male pistachio that will be used as a pollenizer for `West Hills' and `Lost Hills'. It has excellent flowering synchrony with `West Hills' and `Lost Hills' and can be used to cover the earlier part of the `Kerman' flowering period during seasons in which `Kerman' flowering is extended. This generally occurs during seasons of low chill, which are expected to become more frequent in the future due to continued global warming. `Peters', the standard male used to pollenize `Kerman', often flowers too late to cover the earlier part of the `Kerman' bloom period under these conditions or to serve as an effective pollenizer for the new female cultivars. `Randy' was selected for high pollen viability, pollen durability, and a high level of pollen production (based on visual evaluation). `Randy' flowers 1–3 weeks earlier than `Peters', the standard pollenizer for `Kerman'.

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Magdolna Tóth, Gitta Ficzek, Ildikó Király, Szilvia Kovács, Mária Hevesi, Júlia Halász, and Zsolt Szani

were 392 mg·L −1 . It has the highest antioxidant capacity [ferric-reducing ability of plasma (FRAP) 1.34] among the new cultivars. It is suitable for both fresh consumption and processing into apple chips and concentrates. ‘Rosmerta’ (155 g/fruit) is

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Bayram Murat Asma, Zehra Tuğba Murathan, Tuncay Kan, Fırat Ege Karaat, Ogün Birhanlı, and Abdullah Erdoğan

1. Four years of bloom and harvest ranges in Battalgazi region, Malatya, for new late-ripening apricot ‘Eylul’ and its parents (‘Aprikoz’ and ‘Levent’) and reference cultivar Dilbay. Table 2. Comparative results of tree and fruit characteristics of

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Yunmi Park, Seok-Woo Lee, Soon-ho Kwon, and Hae Yun Kwon

development of gardens that include the Rose of Sharon trees and wanting to plant them as roadside trees to stimulate a sense of national pride ( Kwon et al., 2012 ). This research developed a new cultivar to be planted as street trees. Furthermore, to meet

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Edina Pászti Mendelné and Ákos Mendel

). Ceglédi bájos is a new cultivar selected for its good fruit quality and easy management ( Fig. 1 ). The Hungarian name “bájos” means “charming,” and “Ceglédi” refers to the name of the Research Station. Fig. 1. Fruits of apricot cultivar Ceglédi

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Lulu Zhang, Yunfei Mao, Yunyun Wang, Lu Yang, Yijun Yin, Xiang Shen, Canhong Zhang, and Duojiao Zhang

. The new yellow-leaf crabapple cultivar, Malus spectabilis ‘Duojiao’, was derived from a natural mutant of the species M. spectabilis ‘Riversii’, and its attractive foliage distinguishes it from other crabapple cultivars. New, unfolded leaves are

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Chong Wang, Yang Song, Mingqian Wang, Jiajun Lei, Li Xue, and Shizhong He

Angel’s Smile, the pink-petaled cultivar Pink Champagne, and carnation-flowered shape cultivar Picotee, the double-flowered type is still rarely seen. We announce a new double-flowered clivia cultivar Clivia miniata Red Peony with an average of 13