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Hardeep Singh, Megha R. Poudel, Bruce Dunn, Charles Fontanier, and Gopal Kakani

stomata respond to CO 2 concentrations other than intercellular? Plant Physiol. 86 1 1772 1780 Nackley, L.L. Vogt, K.A. Kim, S.H. 2014 Arundo donax water use and photosynthetic responses to drought and elevated CO 2 Agr. Water Mgt. 136 13 22 10.1016/j

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Yuji Nakata and Hidemi Izumi

B. cinerea ( Mitcham, 2016 ), the high CO 2 treatment could be one of the best methods for disease control of strawberry fruit. However, the high CO 2 atmospheres for controlling postharvest decay are close to the highest concentrations tolerated

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Zejin Zhang, Dongxian He, Genhua Niu, and Rongfu Gao

). Each cuvette (25 × 15 × 6 cm) was equipped with a small fan for mixing air, and the airflow was controlled by an air pump forcing the airflow from the cuvette inlet to the outlet. The differential CO 2 concentrations of the inlet and outlet were

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Yoshio Makino, Masayuki Ichimura, Yoshinori Kawagoe, and Seiichi Oshita

uptake and CO 2 production rates of the vegetables were measured by the closed method described in Fonseca et al. (2002) . It was important to relate O 2 uptake rate to cytochrome c oxidase concentrations estimated by two methods. On the other hand

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Gang-Yi Wu, Jun-Ai Hui, Zai-Hua Wang, Jie Li, and Qing-Sheng Ye

P n , stomatal conductance, intercellular CO 2 concentration, transpiration rate (T r ), photosynthetically active radiation ( PAR ), and air temperature were measured simultaneously by an LI−6400 portable photosynthetic system (LI-COR). Light

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Yukari Murakami, Yoshihiko Ozaki, and Hidemi Izumi

concentration was based on the results of CA storage. Four enzyme-peeled slices weighing 150 to 180 g were packaged in OPP film (30 μm thick, 21 × 23 cm, O 2 permeability of 1170 mL·m −2 ·d −1 ·1013 hPa −1 ; Sumitomo Bakelite Co., Ltd., Tokyo, Japan) flushed

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Joshua Sherman, Richard J. Heerema, Dawn VanLeeuwen, and Rolston St. Hilaire

, leaf water status, mesophyll metabolites (i.e., ABA), root metabolites (i.e., cytokinins), salinity, and humidity, g S can be affected by intercellular and boundary layer CO 2 concentrations ( Farquhar and Sharkey, 1982 ). It is not conclusive

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Cyrus A. Smith, James L. Walworth, Mary J. Comeau, Richard J. Heerema, and Joshua D. Sherman

–1 ( Anderson, 1994 ; Lombardini et al., 2009 ). The reference carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) concentration was kept at 400 µmol⋅mol –1 , near the global mean atmospheric concentration ( U.S. Department of Commerce, 2020 ). After P n and g S stabilized

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Qianqian Sheng and Zunling Zhu

concentration (milligrams per gram of extract). Measurements of photosynthetic parameters. The photosynthetic photon flux density ( PPFD ) responses of the net photosynthetic rate (Pn), intercellular carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) concentration (Ci), transpiration rate

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Vania Lanari, Oriana Silvestroni, Alberto Palliotti, Alan Green, and Paolo Sabbatini

internal factors that affect photosynthetic capacity and g S are related to carbon isotope discrimination (Δ 13 C) via their impact on the ratio between intercellular ( C i ) and atmospheric ( C a ) concentrations of CO 2 . In contrast to using gas