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Scott B. Lukas, Joseph DeFrank, and Orville C. Baldos

harvested seed after 16 weeks in a moist germination setting ( Sánchez and Uranga, 1993 ). According to Baskin (2003) , water-impermeable seeds (physical dormancy) commonly occur in the Malvaceae family, uhaloa is a member of this plant family ( Baskin

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Jacob S. Bravo, Thomas Okada Green, James R. Crum, John N. Rogers III, Sasha Kravchenko, and Charles A. Silcox

bluegrass germination in both sand topdressed plots and plots that were a native Capac loam soil when sod was removed before application when compared with glyphosate-treated plots. Furthermore, the use of an impermeable tarp increased efficacy of dazomet in

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Allen V. Barker

. The next series of contributed chapters address difficulties in management of urban soils from physical and chemical standpoints. Chapter 7 covers the sealing of soils with an impermeable layer and assessing how this action affects urban soils. Soil

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Olga A. Kildisheva, R. Kasten Dumroese, and Anthony S. Davis

structure located within the seedcoat. The water gap can become permeable after exposure to temperature flux, drying, or scarification, thus allowing imbibition into an otherwise impermeable seed ( Baskin, 2003 ; Baskin and Baskin, 1998 ; Baskin et al

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Elise B. Benhase and John G. Jelesko

). In the case of R. glabra , physical seed dormancy is maintained by the water-impermeable endocarp tissue, in particular the outermost brachysclereid and internally proximal osteosclereid cell layers ( Li et al., 1999a , 1999c ). The water-impermeable

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David Mettler and Harlene Hatterman-Valenti

the type of cover material, type or absence of mulch, and the depth of snow cover ( Takeda et al., 2008 ). The black plastic used for treatments BPC and BPW was impermeable to moisture and air. The thermal blanket used in treatments TBC and TB was a

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Hitomi Umemura, Katsuhiro Shiratake, Shogo Matsumoto, Tsutomu Maejima, and Hiromitsu Komatsu

°C until use. Measurement of anthocyanin in apple. Ten to 20 fruits of ‘JPP35’, ‘Maypole’, and ‘Fuji’ were picked monthly from May to October. Half of the fruit on the tree was placed in light-impermeable two-layered double bags (Kobayashi Bag Mfg

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Michael W. Olszewski, Courtney A. Young, and Joel B. Sheffield

fungi; water-impermeable “hard” seedcoats are common in many legumes, serve a protective function for the embryo, and have been the subject of several reviews ( Baskin, 2003 ; Kelly et al., 1992 ; Mohamed-Yasseen et al., 1994 ; Rolston, 1978

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Kwang Jin Kim, Myeong Il Jeong, Dong Woo Lee, Jeong Seob Song, Hyoung Deug Kim, Eun Ha Yoo, Sun Jin Jeong, Seung Won Han, Stanley J. Kays, Young-Wook Lim, and Ho-Hyun Kim

rooms in which the test chambers were placed controlled the temperature, light intensity, and relative humidity. The test chambers were made of inert materials (i.e., glass surfaces, stainless steel frame, and Teflon) that were impermeable to VOCs. The

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Lucia Armin Langlé-Argüello, Gabino Alberto Martínez-Gutiérrez, Patricia Araceli Santiago-García, Cirenio Escamirosa-Tinoco, Isidro Morales, and José Raymundo Enríquez-del-Valle

succulent plants such as Agave have significant water reserves in the leaves resulting from their specialized morphology and the presence of an impermeable foliar cuticle ( Ramírez-Tobías et al., 2014 ), after 5 months of drought in a low water retention