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Erin Agro and Youbin Zheng

Fert. Res. 32 101 106 Rytter, R.M. Hansson, A.C. 1996 Seasonal amount, growth and depth distribution of fine roots in an irrigated and fertilized Salix viminalis L. plantation Biomass Bioenergy 11 129 137 Sandrock, D.R. Azarenko, A.N. Righetti, T

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Bryan K. Sales, David R. Bryla, Kristin M. Trippe, Carolyn F. Scagel, Bernadine C. Strik, and Dan M. Sullivan

. Hall, C. 2014 Biochar as a substitute for vermiculite in potting mix for hybrid poplar BioEnergy Res. 7 120 131 Herath, H.M.S.K. Camps-Arbestain, M. Hedley, M. 2013 Effect of biochar on soil

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El-Sayed Mohamed El-Mahrouk, Eman Abdel-Hakim Eisa, Mahmoud Abdelnaby Hegazi, Mohamed El-Sayed Abdel-Gayed, Yaser Hassan Dewir, Mohammed Elsayed El-Mahrouk, and Yougasphree Naidoo

trace elements in the soil of willow short-rotation coppice plantations BioEnergy Res. 5 563 572 Dos Santos Utmazian, M.N. Wieshammer, G. Vega, R. Wenzel, W.W. 2007 Hydroponic screening for metal resistance and accumulation of cadmium and zinc in twenty

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Nicholas A. George, Kenneth V. Pecota, and G. Craig Yencho

production in Alabama and Maryland Biomass Bioenergy 33 1503 1508

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Christopher C. Dickinson, Alexandra J. Weisberg, and John G. Jelesko

.Y. Simmons, C.W. 2008 Response surface studies that elucidate the role of infiltration conditions on Agrobacterium tumefaciens -mediated transient transgene expression in harvested switchgrass ( Panicum virgatum ) Biomass Bioenergy 32 372 379 Voinnet, O

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Freddy Mora, Cristóbal M. Concha, and Carlos R. Figueroa

.R. Coleman, M.D. Durant, J.A. Newman, L.A. 2006 Survival and growth of 31 Populus clones in South Carolina Biomass Bioenergy 30 750 758 Damgaard, L.H. Korsgaard, I.R. 2006 A bivariate quantitative genetic model for a threshold trait and a survival trait

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Jason J. Danaher, Jeremy M. Pickens, Jeffrey L. Sibley, Jesse A. Chappell, Terrill R. Hanson, and Claude E. Boyd

3294 3297 Shiralipour, A. McConnel, D.B. Smith, W.H. 1992 Use and benefits of MSW compost: A review and assessment Biomass Bioenergy 3 267 279 Sibley, J.L. Eakes, D.J. Gilliam, C.H. Keever, G.J. Dozier, W.A. Jr Himelrick, D.G. 1996 Foliar SPAD-502 meter

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Muhammad Mansoor Javaid, Manish Bhan, Jodie V. Johnson, Bala Rathinasabapathi, and Carlene A. Chase

services including as a cover crop with green manure, nematode deterrence, and has potential for use as a bioenergy feedstock. The present study provided evidence for allelopathic potential in 14 accessions of sunn hemp with the strongest inhibition of

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Robert J. Richardson and Bernard H. Zandstra

Biomass Bioenergy 28 249 266 Niekamp, J.W. Johnson, W.G. Smeda, R.J. 1999 Broadleaf weed control with sulfentrazone and flumioxazin in no-tillage soybean ( Glycine max ) Weed Technol. 13 233 238 Price, A.J. Wilcut, J.W. Cranmer, J.R. 2002 Flumioxazin

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Alexandre Bosco de Oliveira, Wagner A. Vendrame, and Luciana Cardoso Nogueira Londe

Cai, Y. Sun, D. Wu, G. Peng, J. 2010 ISSR-based genetic diversity of Jatropha curcas germplasm in China Biomass Bioenergy 34 1739 1750 Chmielarz, P. 2009 Cryopreservation of dormant orthodox seeds of forest trees: Mazzard cherry ( Prunus avium L