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Xiuli Shen and Myeong-Je Cho

). Traditional breeding efforts to create rust-resistant sugar pine by hybridizing sugar pine with rust-resistant white pine species have been hindered by long breeding cycles, the availability of rust-resistant species, incompatibility barriers among species

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Jesse Puka-Beals and Greta Gramig

within the strip-till zone. Surface-applied mulches provide weed control by forming a physical weed-suppressive barrier over the soil surface. Nondegradable polyethylene plastic is the most widely used surface-applied mulch material and biodegradable

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Christine E.H. Coker, Gary Bachman, Chris Boyd, Pamela B. Blanchard, Ed Bush, and Mengmeng Gu

southern coastal plain contains the Gulf coast flatwoods, floodplains and terraces, Gulf barrier islands, and coastal marshes. The habitats range from the Gulf coast pine savannas that contain slash pine ( Pinus elliottii ), long leaf pine ( Pinus palustris

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Edward W. Bush and Pamela B. Blanchard

designed to fit within a 10 × 10-ft square portable dog kennel ( Fig. 1 ). Dog kennels were purchased from vendors near the school. With permission of the school administration, a location was established that has ready access to water and was located in a

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Laura A. Warner, Alexa J. Lamm, Peyton Beattie, Sarah A. White, and Paul R. Fisher

population of the study included nursery and greenhouse growers located throughout the United States. We accessed respondents ( N = 192) through educational program participant lists and an economic electronic mailing list, both maintained by research and

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Steven McArtney and John D. Obermiller

treated section of wood on budbreak response. Notching provides a means for direct access of 6-BA to the vascular system, suggesting the bark is a significant barrier to the penetration of this cytokinin. While almost 60% of notched buds resumed growth

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Christopher T. Werle, Karla M. Addesso, Blair J. Sampson, Jason B. Oliver, and John J. Adamczyk

Tedders, 1999 ; Werle et al., 2014 ). So in addition to the physical barrier created by kaolin, its bright white color should provide an excellent visual deterrent to ambrosia beetles. While not necessarily a direct cause of adult mortality, a physical

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Pheonah Nabukalu and Carrie A. Knott

oxygen uptake by restoring contact of shoots with the atmosphere for increased access to aerated and illuminated zones above or close to the water surface ( Armstrong, 1979 ; Laan and Blom, 1990 ; Laan et al., 1990 ). We also found that the number of

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Hayk Khachatryan and Alicia Rihn

greenhouse may limit access because of entry barriers (e.g., screens). Within the pesticide use category, grown without pesticides was perceived as having the most positive impact on pollinator health relative to conventional production practices ( Table 4

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John L. Griffis Jr.

areas like Djilor) are ornamentals. Other ornamental plants can also serve as living fences or as barriers and borders to control animals and limit access to areas. Trainees had not considered these ideas previously. The training presentation then