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David Conner and Anusuya Rangarajan

was followed by a cover crop of winter rye ( Secale cereale ) that was mowed several times during the spring of year 2. This rye cover crop was then plowed in and followed by several weeks of summer fallow. In the fall, a winter rye and hairy vetch

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Zhimin Yang, Jingjin Yu, Emily Merewitz, and Bingru Huang

initial conductivity of the solution (C initial ) was then measured using a conductivity meter (YSI Inc., Yellow Springs, OH). Leaves were then killed by autoclaving at 140 °C for 20 min and placed back on the shaker for 12 h. The final conductivity of

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Christine Yung-Ting Yen, Terri W. Starman, Yin-Tung Wang, Andreas Holzenburg, and Genhua Niu

wholesale value of potted orchids increased from $47 million in 1996 to $144 million in 2005 ( USDA, 2006 ). Dendrobium Sw. was reported to be the second most valued orchid genus sold in Japan in 2002, which had a market share of 20%, only behind

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Xinyi Chang, Junli Sun, Lianling Liu, Wang He, and Baolong Zhao

Yun, J.Y. Jin, H.G. Cao, Y. Zhang, L.C. Zhao, Y.M. Jin, X. Yu, Y.S. 2018 RNA-seq analysis reveals a positive role of HTR2A in adipogenesis in yan yellow cattle Intl. J. Mol. Sci. 19 1760 Zeng, Z.Q. 1959 Porphyrin pigment—Biosynthesis of heme and

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Olha Sydorovych, Charles D. Safley, Rob M. Welker, Lisa M. Ferguson, David W. Monks, Katie Jennings, Jim Driver, and Frank J. Louws

to MeBr are listed in the last column of the table. The cost difference ranged from an additional $550/acre for Midas to a cost saving of $651/acre for chloropicrin applied at a low rate. The cost of nonfumigated treatment was $800/acre lower than the

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Matthew D. Taylor, Paul V. Nelson, and Jonathan M. Frantz

to increase P uptake under higher light intensity ( Anita et al., 2003 ; De Groot et al., 2001 ; Magalhaes and Wilcox, 1983 ; Nowak et al., 2002 ). Most light treatments used in these studies were below what would normally occur during spring

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Yanbin Su, Yumei Liu, Huolin Shen, Xingguo Xiao, Zhansheng Li, Zhiyuan Fang, Limei Yang, Mu Zhuang, and Yangyong Zhang

and QTL analysis of heading traits in Brassica oleracea var. capitata L Mol. Breeding 34 87 98 Liu, H. Zhang, E.H. Xu, Z.M. Cheng, Y.A. Li, H.W. 2009 Impact of three main cultivated factors on the character of spring cabbage dehiscent leafy head. J

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Theoharis Ouzounis, Eva Rosenqvist, and Carl-Otto Ottosen

quantity (fluence rate), quality (wavelength, i.e., color), direction, and duration (photoperiod) ( Christie et al., 1999 ; Fankhauser and Chory, 1997 ). In many greenhouses in northern climates, supplemental lighting is needed from fall to spring to

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Jianjun Zhang, Wei Zhu, Jaime A. Teixeira da Silva, Yongming Fan, and Xiaonan Yu

al., 2007 ; Huang et al., 2009 ; Wang and Zhang, 1991 ). Compared with the single type, other flower types often arise when some or all of the stamens in a flower develop various types of abnormal petals after bud dormancy release in early spring

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Hannah R. Swegarden, Craig C. Sheaffer, and Thomas E. Michaels

-Cifuentes, G.A. Gelin, R. Vander Wal, A.J. 2010 Registration of ‘Lariat’ and ‘Stampede’ pinto beans J. Plant Registrations. 4 5 11 , doi: 10.3198/jpr2009.03.0143crc Purcell Mountain Farms 2014 Dried beans. Purcell Mountain Farms, Moyie Springs, ID. 19 Dec. 2014