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John W. Scott

for the seed packet trade. Thus, considerable breeding has taken place since the late 1800s and especially since the 1930s. A well-recognized constraint to present-day breeding efforts has been the narrow gene base and subsequent lack of polymorphisms

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Dario J. Chavez, Thomas G. Beckman, and José X. Chaparro

corresponding to those genes ( Benson et al., 2013 ). Arabidopsis gene sequences were blasted against the annotated peach genome v1.0 using BLASTTN option in Phytozome ( Goodstein et al., 2012 ). BLAST results with the highest score and E value were used to

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J.I. Lizaso, K.J. Boote, C.M. Cherr, J.M.S. Scholberg, J.J. Casanova, J. Judge, J.W. Jones, and G. Hoogenboom

( Casanova et al., 2005 ). ‘BSS 0977’ is a bicolor hybrid with sh2 and Bt genes commercialized by Syngenta. The two N rates were 292 and 379 kg·ha −1 N (≈100% and 150% of Florida recommendations). Daily weather data were obtained from the Florida

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Toshihiro Saito, Norio Takada, Hidenori Kato, Shingo Terakami, and Sogo Nishio

1 ) as promising candidates associated with QTL related to each sugar component ( Nishio et al., 2018 ). Acid invertase is a key enzyme in the conversion of SUC to FRU and GLU, and the acid invertase genes likely do not contribute to increasing the

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Timothy Coolong

compared with 9.5% in the spring. Nearly all ‘Precious II’ fruit were culled due to virus symptoms. Although ‘Precious II’ contains the gene for precocious yellow ( Table 1 ), which will mask greening associated with Cucumber mosaic virus and WMV, it will

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Cláudia S. da Costa Ribeiro and Paul W. Bosland

21 26 Murphy, A. 2001 What are the NRBK selections? Potato Gene Resources Nwsl. 8 1 3 Oelke, L.M. Steiner, R. Bosland, P.W. 2003 Differentiation of race specific resistance to phytophthora root rot and foliar blight in Capsicum annuum J. Amer. Soc

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T. Casey Barickman, Dean A. Kopsell, and Carl E. Sams

. Zhang, M. Wang, L. Cui, M.M. Wang, Q. Leng, P. 2012 Fruit-specific RNAi-mediated suppression of SlNCED1 increases both lycopene and beta-carotene contents in tomato fruit J. Expt. Bot. 63 3097 3108 Tang, L.L. Jin, T.Y. Zeng, X.B. Wang, J.S. 2005 Lycopene

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Cecilia E. McGregor and Vickie Waters

rearrangements between tomato and Solanum chilense hamper mapping and breeding of the TYLCV resistance gene Ty-1 Plant J. 68 1093 1103 Wechter, W.P. Kousik, C. McMillan, M. Levi, A. 2012 Identification of resistance to Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. niveum race

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Zi Wei, Peter Jeranyama, Fan Zhang, Carolyn DeMoranville, and Harvey J.M. Hou

. In some cases, immature plants may not turn yellow but wilt and collapse in 1 d. Fruit and flowers on affected plants are not distorted. The distinguishing characteristic of yellow vine-affected plants is that the phloem, which normally has a clear

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Yu-Chu Chang, Chou-Tou Shii, and Mei-Chu Chung

. Matsuda, Y. 1996 Rat rDNA spacer sequences and chromosomal segment of the genes to the extreme terminal region of chromosome 19 Cytogenet. Cell Genet. 72 1 4 Taketa, S. Harrison, G.E. Heslop-Harrison, J