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John D. Lea-Cox, William L. Bauerle, Marc W. van Iersel, George F. Kantor, Taryn L. Bauerle, Erik Lichtenberg, Dennis M. King, and Lauren Crawford

of petunia ( Petunia ×hybrida ) can be precisely modeled in greenhouse production with measurements of crop growth (days after planting, daily light integral, vapor pressure deficit, and air temperature). Kim and van Iersel’s empirical modeling

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John C. Majsztrik, Andrew G. Ristvey, David S. Ross, and John D. Lea-Cox

broken down any further than at the state level. Santos et al. (2008) quantified water volume and nutrient leaching during propagation of calibrachoa ( Calibrachoa × hybrida ) and petunia ( Petunia × hybrida ) liner trays, with rates varying from 0

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Joseph P. Albano

consistent with the initial substrate pH for the same brand substrate used in the study as reported by others ( Dekkers et al., 2000 ). Bedding plants sensitive to high substrate pH, however, like petunia ( Petunia × hybrida ) and calibrachoa ( Calibrachoa

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Bryan J. Peterson, Olivia Sanchez, Stephanie E. Burnett, and Darren J. Hayes

for anaerobic conditions in the rooting zone, the depression of root-zone temperatures by evaporative cooling ( Hartmann et al., 2011 ), nonuniform misting coverage, leaching of foliar nutrients ( Preece, 2003 ), difficulty controlling cutting

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Lucas O’Meara, Marc W. van Iersel, and Matthew R. Chappell

was low as well (e.g., Day 10, 79, 97, 106, 118; Fig. 2 ). Similarly, Kim et al. (2011) found that despite a weak or absent correlation between DLI and DWU, DLI was still the most important factor in a model explaining DWU in Petunia × hybrida

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Ka Yeon Jeong, Paul V. Nelson, Carl E. Niedziela Jr., and David A. Dickey

species. Seeds of fibrous begonia ( Begonia × semperflorens-cultorum Hort. ‘Encore III Pink Bicolor’), impatiens ( Impatiens walleriana Hook. F. ‘Taboo Mix’), pansy ( Viola × wittrockiana Gams. ‘Ultima Radiance Red’), petunia ( Petunia × hybrida

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Rachael E. Pepin and Janet C. Cole

-and-flood system than when applied as a single application. For begonia ( Begonia × semperflorens-cultorum hybrids ‘Cocktail Gin’), impatiens ( Impatiens wallerana ‘Super Elfin White’), chrysanthemum ( Dendranthema × grandiflorum ‘Tara’), and petunia ( Petunia

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Michelle S. McGinnis, Stuart L. Warren, and Ted E. Bilderback

[derived from sheep manure ( Ovis sp.)] compared with a control (0% VC) when a complete liquid fertilizer [300 mg·L −1 nitrogen (N)] was regularly applied to all treatments. Similarly, 42–d-old petunia ( Petunia ×hybrida Vilm.) had greater dry shoot

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Guihong Bi, William B. Evans, James M. Spiers, and Anthony L. Witcher

.B. Gilliam, C.H. Sibley, J.L. Boyer, C.R. Witcher, A.L. 2008 WholeTree substrate and fertilizer rate in production of greenhouse-grown petunia ( Petunia ×hybrida Vilm.) and marigold ( Tagetes patula L.) HortScience 43

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Kimberly A. Moore, Amy L. Shober, Gitta Hasing, Christine Wiese, and Nancy G. West

N fertilizer applications. Improperly applied fertilizer can be carried by water directly to surface water bodies via storm drains ( Line et al., 2002 ). Excess nutrients may also leach below the root zone during high intensity irrigation and