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Nichole F. Edelman, Bethany A. Kaufman, and Michelle L. Jones

trial represented one block. Seedlings were scanned using WinRhizo (Regent Instruments Inc., Canada) imaging software and hypocotyl lengths were measured using ImageJ Software ( Abramoff et al., 2004 ). The hypocotyl length, as a percentage of the

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Thomas Graham and Michael A. Dixon

mineral wool block was removed from. The digital images were analyzed (average size, total area, and total number) using the “analyze particles” macro in ImageJ at a threshold set point of 64:125 ( Rasband, 1997–2011 ). Removal force. The strength and

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Donald M. Vietor, Ronnie W. Schnell, Tony L. Provin, Richard H. White, and Clyde L. Munster

. ImageJ analysis of digital photographs of lysimeter surfaces was used to quantify ‘Tifway’ coverage of soil during establishment as described previously ( Schnell et al., 2009 ). ImageJ software was downloaded from the National Institutes of Health ( http

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Khalid F. Almutairi, David R. Bryla, and Bernadine C. Strik

diameter every 3–5 d using a caliper in 2011 and digital images in 2012. The digital images were captured from a fixed position using a camera (Coolpix L105; Nikon Inc., Melville, NY) and analyzed using open-source ImageJ software ( http://imagej

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Arthur Villordon, Jeffrey C. Gregorie, and Don LaBonte

image analysis using ImageJ (v. 1.50i; National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD; Schneider et al., 2012 ). Statistical analysis and data set availability. Unless otherwise noted, all analyses were performed with R Studio (v. 1.2.1335, R Studio Inc

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Doudou Guo, Ziyi Chen, Danfeng Huang, and Jingjin Zhang

at 2-d intervals by using a Canon digital scanner (Canonscan LiDE 120; Canon Inc., Tokyo, Japan), and the images were analyzed with ImageJ to extract the leaf area data ( Schneider et al., 2012 ). The total leaf area per plant from different groups

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Qinglu Ying, Yun Kong, and Youbin Zheng

cotyledon area, stem length, and diameter of each subset (five plants) were measured by ImageJ (version 1.42; National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD). The stem diameter was measure at 1 cm above the bottom of the stem. The R, G, and B values of the

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Carol Miles, Lisa DeVetter, Shuresh Ghimire, and Douglas G. Hayes

), and recovered mulch fragments were cleaned gently in water, laid out on a glass plate, blotted dry, and photographed (digital camera with 18–55 mm lens; Canon USA, Inc., Lake Success, NY). The area of each digital image was calculated using ImageJ

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Chase Jones-Baumgardt, David Llewellyn, Qinglu Ying, and Youbin Zheng

. Digital image analysis of cotyledons. Five representative cotyledons (one per plant from five plants) per subplot were scanned (CanoScan LiDE 25; Canon Inc., Tokyo, Japan) in JPEG format at 297 pixels per inch. ImageJ 1.42 software ( https://imagej

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Lisa Tang, Sukhdeep Singh, and Tripti Vashisth

, Irvine, CA) attached to an epifluorescence microscope (BX61; Olympus, Center Valley, PA). Fluorescence intensity for callose deposition was analyzed using ImageJ software ( Easlon and Bloom, 2014 ; Schneider et al., 2012 ). Corrected total cell