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David H. Suchoff, Penelope Perkins-Veazie, Heike W. Sederoff, Jonathan R. Schultheis, Matthew D. Kleinhenz, Frank J. Louws, and Christopher C. Gunter

., 2005a ) and reduction in cold-induced suberin deposition and increased aquaporin activity ( Lee et al., 2005b ). These responses allow fig-leaf gourd root systems to maintain high root hydraulic conductivity and consequent movement of nutrients at lower

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Sara Atrash, Asghar Ramezanian, Majid Rahemi, Reza Mostofizadeh Ghalamfarsa, and Elhadi Yahia

, carotenoids and phenolics to the antioxidant potential of fruit juices Food Chem. 68 4 471 474 Ghanati, F. Morita, A. Yokota, H. 2002 Induction of suberin and increase of lignin content by excess boron in tobacco cells Soil Sci. Plant Nutr. 48 3 357 364 Habibi

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Chen Jiang, Penelope Perkins-Veazie, Sylvia M. Blankenship, Michael D. Boyette, Zvezdana Pesic-VanEsbroeck, Katherine M. Jennings, and Jonathan R. Schultheis

.S. Department of Agriculture 2005 United States standards for grades of sweetpotatoes. U.S. Dept. Agr., Washington, DC Wang, X. Arancibia, R.A. Main, J.L. Shankle, M.W. LaBonte, D.R. 2013 Preharvest foliar applications of ethephon increase skin lignin/suberin

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Qing Xu, Shi-Rong Guo, He Li, Nan-Shan Du, Sheng Shu, and Jin Sun

, M. Guerrero, C. Botella, M.A. Barcelo, A. Amaya, I. Medina, M.I. Alonso, F.J. de Forchetti, S.M. Tigier, H. Valpuesta, V. 2000 A tomato peroxidase involved in the synthesis of lignin and suberin Plant Physiol. 122 1119 1127 Rao, M.V. Paliyath, C

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Huai-Fu Fan, Wen Chen, Zhou Yu, and Chang-Xia Du

other abiotic stresses; cell wall hardening through the immobilization and extension of matrix polysaccharide crosslinking; and lignin and suberin deposition ( Cosio and Dunand, 2009 ; De Gara, 2004 ). Recently, class III PODs have also been considered

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Jaroslav Ďurkovič, František Kačík, Miroslava Mamoňová, Monika Kardošová, Roman Longauer, and Jana Krajňáková

-rot fungus Lentitula edodes : Polysaccharide loss, lignin resistance and the unmasking of suberin Int. Biodeterior. Biodegradation 57 14 23 Vizárová, K. Kirschnerová, S. Kačík, F. Briškárová, A. Šutý, Š. Katuščák, S. 2012 Relationship between the decrease of

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Mohamed S. Elmongy, Xiuyun Wang, Hong Zhou, and Yiping Xia

synthesis of lignin and suberin Plant Physiol. 122 1119 1128 Shen, C. Yue, R. Sun, T. Zhang, L. Xu, L. Tie, S. Wang, H. Yang, Y. 2015 Genome-wide identification and expression analysis of auxin response factor gene family in Medicago truncatula Front. Plant

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Karthik-Joseph John-Karuppiah and Jacqueline K. Burns

Espelie, K.E. Davis, R.W. Kolattukudy, P.E. 1980 Composition, ultrastructure and function of the cutin- and suberin-containing layers in the leaf, fruit peel, juice-sac and inner seed coat of grapefruit ( Citrus paradisi Macfed

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Leli Li, Shutian Tao, Huangwei Zhang, Weijian Huang, Jim M. Dunwell, and Meng Li

, M.H. Barros, A.S. Pascoal, N.C. Rutledge, D. Delgadillo, I. Gil, A.M. 2001 Quantitation of aliphatic suberin in Quercus suber L. cork by FTIR spectroscopy and solid-state 13C-NMR spectroscopy Biopolymers 62 268 277 doi: 10