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Mahmoud Panjtandoust and David J. Wolyn

on most dates ( Fig. 6D ). JG did not differ from UC and GM on most sampling dates. Sucrose levels of rhizomes were three to five times those in storage roots in both years. Raffinose. In 2012, rhizome raffinose concentrations decreased from the first

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Yosef Burger and Arthur A. Schaffer

appears to be controlled by the metabolism of carbohydrates in the fruit sink itself ( Hubbard et al., 1989 ; Lester et al., 2001 , Schaffer et al., 1996 , 2000 ). Sucrose and the galactosyl–sucrose oligosaccharides, raffinose and stachyose, are

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Samson Zeray Tesfay, Sakhile Mathe, Albert T. Modi, and Tafadzwanashe Mabhaudhi

in between subsequent harvests. Table 1. Water-soluble nonstructural carbohydrates accumulation by African and exotic leafy vegetables across different weeks after transplanting (WAT). Exceptionally, raffinose, a sugar alcohol was only detected for

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Bing Liu, Hong Zhou, Sha Cao, Yi-ping Xia, and Rajeev Arora

, raffinose, kestose, galactose, etc.) during seasonal acclimation and deacclimation ( Pagter et al., 2008 , 2011 ). In all these studies, loss of TSS was positively correlated with deacclimation. Our data reinforce previous observations and indicate a

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Penelope F. Measham, Audrey G. Quentin, and Nicholas MacNair

., 2012 ; Marquat et al., 1999 ). A pivotal paper ( Marquat et al., 1999 ) showed that the sucrose stored in buds of peach ( Prunus persica ) was used during dormancy release to synthesize the sorbitol and raffinose that are required for bud burst

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Mengmeng Gu, Curt R. Rom, James A. Robbins, and Derrick M. Oosterhuis

, galactose, glucose, mannose, maltose, trehalose, sucrose, and raffinose), organic acids (shikimic acid, malic acid, quinic acid, citric acid, salicylic acid, and succinic acid), polyols (arabitol, myoinositol, mannitol, and xylitol), and mineral nutrients (P

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Mark J. Howieson and Nick Edward Christians

. Matile, P. Keller, F. 1994 Metabolism of raffinose family oligosaccharides in leaves of Ajuga reptans L Plant Physiol. 105 1335 1345 Chatterton, N.J. Harrison, P.A. Bennet, J.H. Asay, K

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Thomas E. Marler and Nirmala Dongol

between the ratio of sucrose/raffinose family oligosaccharides and seed vigour in Medicago truncatula Plant Cell Environ. 34 1473 1487 Vázquez-Torres, M. Sánchez-Tinoco, M.Y. Alejandre-Rosas, J.A. 1989 Algunos datos etnobotánicos sobre las Zamiaceae

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Ken Takahata and Hiroyuki Miura

of raffinose was added as an internal standard to each thawed sample that was then neutralized with a 1% sodium hydroxide solution and filtered through a membrane filter (0.45 μm). The filtrate was used for the sugar analyses. Another series of thawed

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Wayne Loescher, Zhulong Chan, and Rebecca Grumet

-zone salinity altered raffinose oligosaccaride metabolism and transport in Coleus ( Gilbert et al., 1997 ). In salt-stressed celery, mannitol becomes the predominant photosynthetic product ( Everard et al., 1994 ). Sorbitol accumulates to high levels in the