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Thomas E. Marler and Nirmala Dongol

between the ratio of sucrose/raffinose family oligosaccharides and seed vigour in Medicago truncatula Plant Cell Environ. 34 1473 1487 Vázquez-Torres, M. Sánchez-Tinoco, M.Y. Alejandre-Rosas, J.A. 1989 Algunos datos etnobotánicos sobre las Zamiaceae

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Ken Takahata and Hiroyuki Miura

of raffinose was added as an internal standard to each thawed sample that was then neutralized with a 1% sodium hydroxide solution and filtered through a membrane filter (0.45 μm). The filtrate was used for the sugar analyses. Another series of thawed

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Wayne Loescher, Zhulong Chan, and Rebecca Grumet

-zone salinity altered raffinose oligosaccaride metabolism and transport in Coleus ( Gilbert et al., 1997 ). In salt-stressed celery, mannitol becomes the predominant photosynthetic product ( Everard et al., 1994 ). Sorbitol accumulates to high levels in the

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S.M. Scheiber, R.C. Beeson Jr, J. Chen, Q. Wang, and B. Pearson

-tolerant woody landscape plants J. Environ. Hort. 10 94 99 Pattanagul, W. Madore, M.A. 1999 Water deficit effects on raffinose family oligosaccharide metabolism in coleus Plant Physiol. 121 987 993

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Jaejoon Kim and David J. Wolyn

raffinose/sucrose/glucose kit (product K-RAFGL; Megazyme International Ireland, Bray, Ireland) ( McCleary et al., 2006 ); methods of Landry and Wolyn (2011) were followed with one modification. The rhizome and storage root samples were incubated with 5 mL

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Yang Yang, Runfang Zhang, Pingsheng Leng, Zenghui Hu, and Man Shen

, raffinose, and some others) are increased under SA application for promoting cold acclimation of glossy privet in the future. Many factors are involved in the cold acclimation process of plants. SA can regulate various aspects of plant responses under both

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Jianping P. Wang, Suleiman S. Bughrara, and C. Jerry Nelson

, M.A. 1999 Water deficit effects on raffinose family oligosachharide metabolism in coleus Plant Physiol. 121 987 993 Qian, Y.L. Fry, J.D. Upham, W.S. 1997 Rooting and drought avoidance of warm

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Yumei Zhang, Runfang Hu, Huawei Li, Haisheng Zhu, Jinming Zhao, Na Guo, Han Xing, and Guoqiang Lin

acids (4.581–10.180 mg·g −1 dry matter), and organic acids (3.754–6.752 mg·g −1 dry matter) ( Song et al., 2013 ). Zhang et al. (2015) reported that the cumulative contribution to eating quality of sucrose, fructose, glucose, raffinose, stachyose

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Andrés Javier Peña Quiñones, Melba Ruth Salazar Gutierrez, and Gerrit Hoogenboom

sucrose, raffinose, and stachyose, and is associated with flower development that affects the loss of cold hardiness ( Greer et al., 2005 ). After using the degree days approach, our findings concur with tree sellers’ criteria for apple and sweet cherry

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Ya-Ching Chuang and Yao-Chien Alex Chang

raffinose was added to each sample as the internal standard. After extraction, the tissue suspension was centrifuged at 4000 g n for 10 min to collect the supernatant. Each sample was again extracted twice, and the three supernatants were pooled together