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Keitaro Tawaraya, Maman Turjaman, and Hanna Artuti Ekamawanti

in the field. Aloe vera grown under full sunlight produced more dry weight than those grown under partial shade ( Paez et al., 2000 ). Application of nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P) fertilizers increased the yield of A. vera ( Pareek et al., 1999

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Chang-Tsern Chen, Ching-Lung Lee, and Der-Ming Yeh

23 °C, as recommended for Eustoma growth ( Harbaugh, 1995 ; Harbaugh and Woltz, 1991 ; Islam et al., 2004 ). Table 1. Nutrient formulations used to induce nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), potassium (K), calcium (Ca), or magnesium (Mg) deficiencies in

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Qiang Zhu, Monica Ozores-Hampton, Yuncong Li, Kelly Morgan, Guodong Liu, and Rao S. Mylavarapu

Phosphorus is an essential component of nucleic acids, phospholipids, and energy-rich phosphate compounds, thus, it plays crucial role in root growth, fruit and seed development, and disease resistance. Phosphorus deficiency can stunt plant growth

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Josh B. Henry, Ingram McCall, and Brian E. Whipker

restriction is an alternative way to control growth in greenhouse crops ( Gibson et al., 2007 ; Henry et al., 2017 ; Justice and Faust, 2015 ). Phosphorus restriction has a direct effect on limiting internode elongation, resulting in more compact plants

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Thomas A. Obreza, Robert E. Rouse, and Kelly T. Morgan

Citrus orchards occupy more than 280,000 ha in Florida. Soils planted to citrus require intensive nutrient management to maximize fruit yield and quality. Traditionally, orchards receive ≈40 kg phosphorus (P) per ha at planting followed by

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Daniel E. Wells, Jeffrey S. Beasley, Lewis A. Gaston, Edward W. Bush, and Maureen E. Thiessen

combinations thereof as P sources on concentrations of dissolved reactive phosphorus in leachates collected via the Virginia Tech pour through method in 84-d experiments in 2011 and 2012. Total P effluent mass loss collected in an effluent collection system

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Thomas A. Obreza and Jerry B. Sartain

. Properties of water-soluble nitrogen (N) fertilizers used in Florida commercial horticulture production. Phosphorus fertilizers applied in Florida are almost entirely water-soluble materials. An exception occurs when a polymer-coated N–P–K material is used

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Andrew G. Ristvey, John D. Lea-Cox, and David S. Ross

Some quantitative physiological data on nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P) uptake by woody ornamental species are available in the literature ( Cabrera, 2003 ; Cabrera and Devereaux, 1998 ; Craig et al., 2003 ; Griffin et al., 1999 ), but few

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Robert F. Polomski, Douglas G. Bielenberg, Ted Whitwell, Milton D. Taylor, William C. Bridges, and Stephen J. Klaine

sources and still maintain its designated use and value (e.g., drinking water, fish and wildlife habitat, recreation, and so on). The Clean Water Act ( U.S. EPA, 1994 ) lists nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P) as potential pollutants of impaired water bodies

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Jacob H. Shreckhise, James S. Owen Jr., and Alex X. Niemiera

container nurseries, is a “primary” contributor of P pollution in U.S. surface waters ( USEPA, 2017 ). Phosphorus is often the greatest contributing factor for eutrophic conditions in freshwater ecosystems ( USEPA, 2002 ) and is, therefore, a focus of