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Ying Gao, Hao Liu, Ningguang Dong, and Dong Pei

) differentiation stages; SAM = shoot apical meristem; sq = squama; VB = vascular bundle; lp = leaf primordial; ( A–F ) bar = 100 μm, ( G ) bar = 200 μm. Indole-3-acetic acid immunohistochemical localization. Excised samples were immediately fixed in a 2% (w

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Ningguang Dong, Qingmin Wang, Junpei Zhang, and Dong Pei

mainly distributed in the root primordia. ( C ) Immunolocalization of IAA in adventitious root from walnut cotyledon explants. IAA was mainly distributed in the root cap and root meristem; Mz = meristematic zone; Rp = root primordium; Rm = root

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Donald R. Hodel

; Tomlinson, 1990 ). They are discussed below under inflorescences. Regardless of the number of stems or their length, there is typically only one growing point or apical meristem per stem, and it is embedded within a series of older, overlapping leaf bases

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Brian A. Krug, Brian E. Whipker, Jonathan Frantz, and Ingram McCall

( Fig. 1A ). Moderate symptoms included greater discoloration and more prominent upward leaf curling as well as necrosis of the leaf tips. At advanced stages of the deficiency, whole leaves and the apical meristem became necrotic ( Fig. 1B ). Plants

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Timothy K. Broschat

, deficiencies that might merely cause twig dieback in dicots can be fatal in palms, which have only a single apical meristem and no lateral meristems. Thus, proper fertilization for palms is important for palm health and survival, as well as for aesthetics. As

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Bruce W. Wood

meristems within the tree's canopy. Horticultural manipulation of pistillate flowering and mitigation of AB in commercial pecan orchards currently targets minimization of tree stress with orchard management strategies directly or indirectly targeting key

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Anish Malladi and Jacqueline K. Burns

plant growth and development. In the classic physiological model of apical dominance, the apical meristem contained within the shoot apex provides a source of basipetally moving auxin that inhibits lateral bud outgrowth, whereas root

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María del C. Montalvo-Peniche, Lourdes G. Iglesias-Andreu, Javier O. Mijangos-Cortés, Sara L. Nahuat-Dzib, Felipe Barahona-Pérez, Adriana Canto-Flick, and Nancy Santana-Buzzy

. germplasm bank collected from farmers of the Yucatan Peninsula and being conserved and characterized in the Scientific Research Center of Yucatan. The apical meristems of 5-week-old Habanero pepper plants were cut off under sterile conditions after in vitro

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Emma Bradford, James F. Hancock, and Ryan M. Warner

developmental arrest of initiated flowers rather than failed initiation, and that microscopic dissection should be conducted in addition to counting inflorescences to describe meristem fate. In support of this are the results of Downs and Piringer (1955) who

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Jiaqi Hu, Hye-Ji Kim, Houbin Chen, and Biyan Zhou

) in the phloem and suppressor of overexpression of constans 1 ( SOC1 ) in the shoot apical meristem by directly binding to CArG boxes in FT and SOC1 ( Jang et al., 2009 ; Li et al., 2008 ). Although the role of SVP in flowering is well known