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Elisha O. Gogo, Mwanarusi Saidi, Francis M. Itulya, Thibaud Martin, and Mathieu Ngouajio

measured in the nursery but in other experiments the nets reduced light quantity (37.3 mol·d −1 ) compared with the open treatment (40.1 mol·d −1 ). Fig. 1. Effect of eco-friendly net on daily air temperature and relative humidity during tomato transplant

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Eva María Almansa, Antonio Espín, Rosa María Chica, and María Teresa Lao

received. A significant correlation between auxin concentration and TDW produced has been found. T 2 characterized for the lowest PAR :NIR, B:R, B:FR, and R:FR provides adequate light quantity and quality for all cultivars within the parameters RDW, TDW

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Osama Mohawesh, Ammar Albalasmeh, Sanjit Deb, Sukhbir Singh, Catherine Simpson, Nour AlKafaween, and Atif Mahadeen

increasingly used this low-cost technique in many countries during the past decade ( Ilić et al., 2017 ). As plants respond to light quantity, quality, direction, and periodicity, the use of shading nets can reduce solar radiation and affect light quality by

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Dean A. Kopsell, Carl E. Sams, and Robert C. Morrow

quality and light quantity using LEDs. Of particular interest is the ability to modulate concentrations of nutritionally important secondary metabolites with applications of blue-light wavelengths. IMPACTS OF BLUE LIGHT ON THE ACCUMULATION OF NUTRITIONALLY

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Aparna Gazula, Matthew D. Kleinhenz, Joseph C. Scheerens, and Peter P. Ling

.L. 1990 Interaction between light quality and light quantity in the photoregulation of anthocyanin production Plant Physiol. 92 1191 1195 Mazza, G. Miniati, E. 1993 Anthocyanins in fruits, vegetables, and grains

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Nicholas D. Warren, Richard G. Smith, and Rebecca G. Sideman

conditions New Zeal. J. Agr. Res. 53 377 388 Yang, F. Huang, S. Gao, R.C. Liu, W.G. Yong, T.W. Wang, X.C. Wu, X.L. Yang, W.Y. 2014 Growth of soybean seedlings in relay strip intercropping systems in relation to light quantity and red:far-red ratio Field Crops

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Domenica Scuderi, Francesco Giuffrida, Stefania Toscano, and Daniela Romano

characterized by the highest values of global radiation and temperature. Literature Cited Assmann, S.M. 1992 Effects of light quantity and quality during development on the morphology and stomata physiology of Commelina communis Oecologia 92 188 195 Boumaza, R

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Todd C. Einhorn, Janet Turner, and Debra Laraway

evidence for a positive role of light quantity for flower initiation of fruit trees ( Jackson and Sweet, 1972 ) and specifically ‘Anjou’ ( Kappel and Neilsen, 1994 ; Khemira et al., 1993 ). We did not determine whether light directly improved fruit bud

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Charles Fontanier, Justin Quetone Moss, Lakshmy Gopinath, Carla Goad, Kemin Su, and Yanqi Wu

conditions ( Kruse and Schmid, 1995 ; Wada and Murata, 2007 ). It is possible the light quantity achieved in the growth chamber during the present study was insufficient to induce osmotic stress typical of early frost conditions. Investigation of the

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Jasmine J. Mah, David Llewellyn, and Youbin Zheng

HBs alter both light quantity and quality ( Faust et al., 2014 ; Llewellyn et al., 2013 ), the extent to which altered light quality beneath HBs contributes to changes in plant morphology is unknown. Research into the factors of the light environment