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Joongmin Shin, Bruce Harte, Janice Harte, and Kirk Dolan

irradiated iceberg lettuce increased by 33% higher than the control. The mechanism responsible for the increased irradiation-induced respiration not well understood. Gunes et al. (2001) postulated that irradiation-stimulated catabolism of acetate may have

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Xin Zhao, Edward E. Carey, Janice E. Young, Weiqun Wang, and Takeo Iwamoto

levels of phenolic compounds ( Caldwell, 2003 ). Phenolic composition and content of lettuce significantly vary among types, including loose leaf, oak leaf, iceberg, butterhead, and romaine, with iceberg lettuce tending to be the lowest ( Caldwell, 2003

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Beiquan Mou, Ryan J. Hayes, and Edward J. Ryder

Plant Physiol. 132 1272 1282 O'Brien, R.D. van Bruggen, A.H.C. 1990 Soil fumigation with dazomet and methyl bromide for control of corky root of iceberg lettuce Plant Dis. 74 1022 1025 Patterson

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method to control the insects. Four romaine and three iceberg lettuce varieties were evaluated for responses to the insects using natural infestations in the field experiments. Lu et al. (p. 773) observed significant differences in responses to insect

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Rahmatallah Gheshm and Rebecca Nelson Brown

recommended ( Waycott and Ryder, 1992 ). Modern Imperial-type iceberg lettuce cultivars were developed for the cool-climate production areas of California and Arizona ( Ryder, 1999 ) and are more susceptible to bolting and development of puffy heads than the

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Ryan J. Hayes and Yong-Biao Liu

-4-0439 Heimdal, H. Kühn, B.K. Poll, L. Larson, L.M. 1995 Biochemical changes and sensory quality of shredded and MA-packaged iceberg lettuce J. Food Sci. 60 1265 1276 10.1111/j.1365-2621.1995.tb04570.x Kim

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Abbas Lafta, Germán Sandoya, and Beiquan Mou

in crisphead (iceberg) lettuce. However, the yield of red and green leaf lettuce in hot conditions is controlled by this genotype × environment (G × E) interaction and must be considered during the breeding process ( Lafta et al., 2017

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Ryan J. Hayes, Carlos H. Galeano, Yaguang Luo, Rudie Antonise, and Ivan Simko

. Sci. 133 228 233 Hayes, R.J. Maruthachalam, K. Vallad, G.E. Klosterman, S.J. Simko, I. Luo, Y. Subbarao, K.V. 2011a Iceberg lettuce breeding lines with resistance to verticillium wilt caused by race 1 isolates of Verticillium dahliae HortScience 46

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Donald J. Huber

’ lime ( Citrus latifolia Yu. Tanaka) ( Jomori et al., 2003 ); reduced disorders in carrot ( Daucus carota L.) ( Fan and Mattheis, 2000a ) and ‘Iceberglettuce ( Lactuca sativa L.) ( Fan and Mattheis, 2000a ); and delayed lignin deposition and

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James D. McCreight and Yong-Biao Liu

. 377–472. In: Singh, R.J. (ed.). Genetic resources, chromosome engineering, and crop improvement. CRC Press, New York, NY. Liu, Y.-B. 2004 Distribution and population development of Nasonovia ribisnigri (Homoptera: Aphididae) in iceberg lettuce J