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Chunqing Sun, Zhihu Ma, Zhenchao Zhang, Guosheng Sun, and Zhongliang Dai

normal embryos were observed after pollination ( Table 3 ). Fig. 3. Anatomical structure of the ovule of Nymphaea after pollination. ( A ) Globular embryo (Em), abundant perisperm, and endosperm (En) at 5 d after pollination in the self

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Fengxia Shao, Sen Wang, Zhiming Liu, Rongyan Hong, and Tianjiao Zhao

style and stigma were observed using a scanning electron microscope (JSM-6390LV, JEOL, Japan). The samples fixed with FAA were used to observe the anatomic structure of the style. The routine paraffin section method ( Li, 2009 ) was used and the staining

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Thanidchaya Puthmee, Kenji Takahashi, Midori Sugawara, Rieko Kawamata, Yoshie Motomura, Takashi Nishizawa, Toshiyuki Aikawa, and Wilawan Kumpoun

chemical components, but also on its anatomical structures ( Schreiber et al., 2005 ). In fact, unhealed cracks can still be observed along the netted surface, even at fruit ripening, suggesting that moisture from the hypodermal tissues could be lost

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Dao-Jing Wang, Jing-Wen Zeng, Wen-Tao Ma, Min Lu, and Hua-Ming An

studies did not present clear and detailed anatomic structures or the distribution of trichomes, especially in different developmental stages of trichomes. Very little is known about the structure, ontogeny, and function of trichomes in R . roxburghii

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Yuliya A. Salanenka, Martin C. Goffinet, and Alan G. Taylor

Khan (1974) observed the permeation of chemicals into this radicle tip area in Cucurbita maxima seeds, although they did not study its causal factor. Tao and Khan (1974) suggested that the anatomical structure of the tip region of the seed might

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Yu-Chun Chu and Jer-Chia Chang

bloomed. Fig. 2. Floral morphology and anatomical structure of ‘Da Hong’ pitaya. Non-ovary organs (NO); ovary (O). NO was comprised of sepal (S), petal (P), stamen (STM), stigma (STG), and style (STY). Fruit and seed set, fruit development and

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Hazel Y. Wetzstein, Weiguang Yi, Justin A. Porter, and Nadav Ravid

roots to modern medicine. CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL Shulman, Y. Fainberestein, L. Lavee, S. 1984 Pomegranate fruit development and maturation J. Hort. Sci. 59 265 274 Stern, R.A. Eisenstein, D. Voet, H. Gazit, S. 1996 Anatomical structure of two day old

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Shuyang Zhen and Marc W. van Iersel

of a plant), can also induce phenotypic modifications that alter plants’ photosynthetic light use efficiency ( Anderson et al., 1995 ; Björkman, 1981 ; Valladares and Niinemets, 2008 ). Such modifications include changes in leaf anatomical

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Jianjun Zhang, Wei Zhu, Jaime A. Teixeira da Silva, Yongming Fan, and Xiaonan Yu

.-D. Teng, N.-J. 2009 Comparison of flower anatomical structure of double flower and proliferation flower cultivars in Nelumbo nucifera during flower bud differentiation processes Acta Hort. Sin. 36 1233 1238 (in Chinese with English abstr.) Kamenetsky, R

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Wenjie Ma, Wen Liang, and Bing Zhao

significant differences between treatments of the same Rhododendron cultivar by the least significant difference at P ≤ 0.05. Discussion Effects of RH and high temperature on the anatomical structure of two Rhododendron cultivars. Mortensen and Gislerød