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William S. Castle

rootstock for navel oranges or Volkamer lemon for ‘Murcott’; 4) rootstocks with complementary tolerances to pests and diseases could be selected to reduce the risk of tree loss; and 5) the harvest season could be extended because of the effect of rootstock

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Hong Jiang, Zhiyuan Li, Xiumei Jiang, and Yong Qin

metabolism of plants, such as sugar beet ( Huang et al., 2019 ), Volkamer lemon (Khalid et al., 2020a, 2021b), citru (Hussain et al., 2015), North American pea pear ( Zhao et al., 2019 ), black wolfberry ( Yang et al., 2019 ), and other crops. Research on the

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Stephen H. Futch, James H. Graham, and Larry W. Duncan

ridge location, half each on Carrizo citrange and Swingle citrumelo at the southwest flatwoods location, and on Volkamer lemon ( Citrus volkameriana ) at the east coast location. Shortly after planting, tree trunk diameter was measured at a height of 2

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Kelly T. Morgan, T.A. Obreza, and J.M.S. Scholberg

near the soil surface. Trees on rough lemon ( Citrus jambhiri Lush), Volkamer lemon ( C. volkameriana Pasquale), and Palestine sweet lime ( C. limettioides Tan.) rootstocks are typical of citrus trees with extensive root structure in which 50% of the

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Godfrey P. Miles, Ed Stover, Chandrika Ramadugu, Manjunath L. Keremane, and Richard F. Lee

genus Citrus , both near moderate/average, whereas Citrus without citron in their pedigree generally scored a rating of poor ( Table 1 ). The healthiest progeny group for Citrus with citron in the pedigree was from ‘Volkamerlemon hybrid (CRC 3050

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Carlos Vinicius Garcia Barreto, Rhuanito Soranz Ferrarezi, Flávio Bussmeyer Arruda, and Roberto Testezlaf

× Poncirus trifoliata ‘Carrizo’), sour orange ( Citrus aurantium L.), and Volkamer lemon ( Citrus volkameriana Tan. & Pasq.) rootstocks and found lack of response as a result of stress caused by reduced oxygenation of the roots. The leaf/whole plant ratio

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Madhulika Sagaram and Jacqueline K. Burns

Citrus and Dates, Riverside, CA; and a commercial seed supplier (Willits and Newcomb), Arvin, CA. ‘Volkamerlemon ( Citrus volkameriana ) and ‘Carrizo’ citrange ( Citrus sinensis × Poncirus trifoliata ) rootstock plants were generated from seed

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Ute Albrecht, David G. Hall, and Kim D. Bowman

) and micrografted onto decapitated epicotyls of seed-grown 3- to 5-week-old ‘Volkamerlemon ( C. volkameriana ) or ‘Kinkoji’ ( C. obovoidea ) rootstocks by wedge grafting, were used for Expts. 3 and 4. Fifty-six 13-month-old ‘Valencia’ seedlings and

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William S. Castle and James C. Baldwin

selection, usually ‘Hamlin’. ‘Pera Olympia’ (P.2) was the only scion on four rootstocks: rough lemon ( C. jambhiri Lush.), Palestine sweet line ( C. limettioides Tan.), Cleopatra mandarin ( C. reshni Hort. ex Tan.), and Volkamer lemon ( C. volkameriana

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Shahrzad Bodaghi, Gabriel Pugina, Bo Meyering, Kim D. Bowman, and Ute Albrecht

implications Front. Plant Sci. 5 727 Girardi, E.A. Mourão Filho, F.A.A. 2006 Production of interstocked ‘Pera’ sweet orange nursery trees on ‘Volkamerlemon and ‘Swingle’ citrumelo rootstocks Sci. Agric. 63 1 5