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Bin Peng, Jianlan Xu, Zhixiang Cai, Binbin Zhang, Mingliang Yu, and Ruijuan Ma

., 2014 ). In papaya [ Vasconcellea pubescens ( Moralesquintana et al., 2011 )], tomato [ Solanum lycopersicum ( Goulet et al., 2015 )], and kiwifruit [ Actinidia chinensis ( Souleyre et al., 2011 )], the AAT s play very important roles in aroma

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Ting-Ting Li, Zhi-Rong Li, Kang-Di Hu, Lan-Ying Hu, Xiao-Yan Chen, Yan-Hong Li, Ying Yang, Feng Yang, and Hua Zhang

. Nakano, R. Kubo, Y. 2010 Characterization of ethylene biosynthesis and its regulation during fruit ripening in kiwifruit, Actinidia chinensis ‘Sanuki Gold’ Postharvest Biol. Technol. 55 108 113 Nakano, Y. Asada, K. 1981 Hydrogen peroxide is scavenged by

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Shuai-Ping Gao, Kang-Di Hu, Lan-Ying Hu, Yan-Hong Li, Yi Han, Hui-Li Wang, Kai Lv, Yong-Sheng Liu, and Hua Zhang

Pranamornkith, T. East, A. Heyes, J. 2012 Influence of exogenous ethylene during refrigerated storage on storability and quality of Actinidia chinensis (cv. Hort16A) Postharvest Biol. Technol. 64 1 8 Rausch, T. Wachter, A. 2005 Sulfur metabolism: A versatile

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Jiaqi Hu, Hye-Ji Kim, Houbin Chen, and Biyan Zhou

_018806751.1); Actinidia deliciosa : AdSVP1 (AFA37963.1); Actinidia chinensis : AcSVP4 (AFA37970.1)]. LcSVP s expression patterns in different tissues. To determine the transcriptional expression patterns of LcSVP s in the vegetative and reproductive

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Ben van Hooijdonk, David Woolley, Ian Warrington, and Stuart Tustin

Effect of cytokinins on apple shoot development from axillary buds HortScience 3 68 69 Woolley, D.J. Currie, M.B. 2006 Interactions between cytokinin active substances and fruit growth of Actinidia deliciosa (green kiwifruit) and Actinidia chinensis

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cultivars [one green-fleshed ( Actinidia deliciosa ) and two golden-fleshed ( Actinidia chinensis )] were evaluated in Central Alabama. ‘Golden Dragon’ and ‘Golden Sunshine’ are golden-fleshed kiwifruit with smooth, hairless skin and relatively low chilling

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commonly used in commercial kiwifruit production for the purpose of increasing fruit size. The goal of this on-going research is to determine the effectiveness of these practices on Actinidia chinensis ‘Golden Dragon’ and A. chinensis ‘Golden Sunshine

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Ksenija Gasic, John E. Preece, and David Karp

Zealand Institute for Plant & Food Research, Auckland, New Zealand 51-1785. Female, yellow-fleshed, Actinidia chinensis var. chinensis . Origin: Horticulture and Food Research Institute of New Zealand, Te Puke, by R.G. Lowe. Jinfeng (79-3) × CK40