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Nydia Celis, Donald L. Suarez, Laosheng Wu, Rui Li, Mary Lu Arpaia, and Peggy Mauk

concentrations are expressed in millimoles of charge (mmol c ) per liter and an SAR of 4.7 is sufficiently low to avoid physical degradation of the soil at an EC = 1.5 dS·m –1 . Table 1. Irrigation water ion composition. Soil characteristics. Soil samples were

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Carolina Uquillas, Eduardo Torres, Antonio Ibacache, and Bruno G. Defilippi

the berry size. The clusters were tipped and manual berry thinning was performed leaving 81 to 135 berries per cluster ( Table 1 ). Table 1. Yield, cluster, and berry characteristics of GA-treated ‘Iniagrape-one’ at Vicuña, z Los Andes, y and Llay

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Simone da Costa Mello, Jéssika Angelotti-Mendonça, Lucas Baiochi Riboldi, Luigi Tancredi Campo Dall’Orto, and Eduardo Suguino

) because the varieties of tea might have varietal differentiation in terms of geographical origin ( Balasaravanan et al., 2003 ). Types of cuttings effect on rooting. In the summer, all rooting characteristics were not influenced by the types of cuttings of

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John R. Clark, James N. Moore, Justin R. Morris, and Renee Threlfall

’ and ‘Enchantment’ were evaluated. Both subjective and objective evaluations of the cultivars’ characteristics were conducted most years on ‘Opportunity’ from 1994 through 2015 and on ‘Enchantment’ from 1998 through 2015. Photographs of ‘Opportunity

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James M. Meyers, Gavin L. Sacks, and Justine E. Vanden Heuvel

The distinguishing aroma characteristics of varietal wines produced from ‘Riesling’ are largely absent from its fresh berries ( Sacks et al., 2012 ). The major compound classes thought to be responsible for ‘Riesling’ wine varietal character include

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Gayle M. Volk and David Stern

; garlic bulbs resulting from seed stock purchased in other regions often do not display the characteristics such as bulb size, shape, and color that were listed in the catalogs. This is a result of the high degree of variability in clove wrapper color

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Bruce I. Reisch, R. Stephen Luce, and Anna Katharine Mansfield

‘Aromella’ is a winter-hardy white wine grape with high potential productivity and aromatic/muscat wine characteristics. Vines are large in size and more winter-hardy than most French–American hybrid grapes. ‘Aromella’ is more disease-resistant than

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Ellen Thompson, Bernadine C. Strik, John R. Clark, and Chad E. Finn

’) primocane-fruiting blackberries HortScience 40 852 855 Dale, A. 1979 Varietal differences in the relationships between some characteristics of red raspberry fruiting laterals and their position on the cane J. Hort. Sci. 54

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Marcin Nowicki, Edward E. Schilling, Sarah L. Boggess, Logan C. Houston, Matthew L. Huff, Margaret E. Staton, Jayne A. Lampley, and Robert N. Trigiano

-motif repeat eSSRs. Note: Frequencies of nonredundant tetra-repeat eSSRs were not inspected before devising the primers for them. bp = base pair. C. virginianum eSSR characteristics and varietal distances. Based on the genotyping dataset accrued, the used eSSRs

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Ricardo Goenaga, Mark Guiltinan, Siela Maximova, Ed Seguine, and Heber Irizarry

period did not reveal differences in root depth or architecture among trees propagated by grafting or SE-ORC. A very superficial root system was characteristic of trees propagated by both methods. It is noteworthy that some trees propagated by SE