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Yali Song and Bingru Huang

elevated CO 2 may mitigate either drought or heat stress alone as manifested by increased shoot and root growth, improved water use efficiency as well as promoting photosynthesis and decreased respiration and various other physiological activities ( Alonso

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Xinyi Chang, Junli Sun, Lianling Liu, Wang He, and Baolong Zhao

ultimately led to the weakening of photosynthesis ability of the wild jujube seedlings. PSII is an important structure for photoreaction in photosynthesis. Salt stress leads to a decrease in the efficiency of light energy and PSII electron transport

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Krishna S. Nemali and Marc W van Iersel

wax begonia: Photosynthesis, growth respiration, maintenance respiration and carbon use efficiency J. Amer. Soc. Hort. Sci. 129 416 424 10.21273/JASHS.129.3.0416 Nemali, K.S. van Iersel, M.W. 2006 An automated

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Ze Li, Kai Shi, Fanhang Zhang, Lin Zhang, Hongxu Long, Yanling Zeng, Zhiming Liu, Genhua Niu, and Xiaofeng Tan

reduction in photosynthetic efficiency, enzymatic activity, and gas exchange rate, and consequently reduced seedling growth. The L75 treatment reduced net photosynthesis by 40% and biomass by 62% over the 2 months. The longer period of shading led to more

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Lloyd L. Nackley, Jig Han Jeong, Lorence R. Oki, and Soo-Hyung Kim

downregulation associated with carboxylation efficiency at low CO 2 was highly likely present. Fig. 5. Photosynthetic acclimation to elevated carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) in garlic plants at ( A ) low-nitrogen (N), ( B ) mid-N, and ( C ) high-N. The ratio of net CO 2

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Hardeep Singh, Megha R. Poudel, Bruce Dunn, Charles Fontanier, and Gopal Kakani

irrigation in ambient CO 2 might have resulted in greater g S in fountain grass compared with supplemented CO 2 treatment. Photosynthesis and water use efficiency. In geranium ‘Pinto Premium Rose Bicolor’, either slightly dry or moderately watered

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Stefania De Pascale, Luisa Dalla Costa, Simona Vallone, Giancarlo Barbieri, and Albino Maggio

strategies to improve irrigation efficiency in vegetable crop production. We refer to recently published literature for in-depth analyses on the physiology and molecular biology of WUE ( Hsiao et al., 2007 ; Yoo et al., 2009 ). Efficiency in the context of

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Md. Jahedur Rahman, Haruhisa Inden, and Masaaki Kirimura

. Reduced g S results in a decrease in uptake of CO 2 that can be used in carboxylation reactions ( Brugnoli and Björkman, 1992 ) and higher g S in plants increases the diffusion of CO 2 in the leaves and thus increases the rate of photosynthesis. Fig

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Qiansheng Li, Min Deng, Jianjun Chen, and Richard J. Henny

CO 2 assimilation has been widely used for evaluating the efficiency of photosynthesis at low PPFD ( Ehleringer and Bjorkman, 1977 ). Light compensation points of P . aquatica grown under PPFD of 285 μmol·m −2 ·s −1 ranged from 8.0 to 9

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Richard J. Heerema, Dawn VanLeeuwen, Rolston St. Hilaire, Vince P. Gutschick, and Bethany Cook

. Leaf gas exchange was measured on 2 Oct. 2009, 1 Oct. 2010, and 5 Nov. 2010. Because ‘Western’ kernel fill continues through October in New Mexico, the early November photosynthesis measurement date was included in 2010 to ensure that we captured the