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Michael W. Smith and Becky S. Cheary

., 1998 ). The rapid accumulation of P in the fruit and concurrent depletion from the leaves resulted in leaf necrosis and partial defoliation when P was limiting ( Smith, 2010 ; Sparks, 1977 ). Smith (2010) reported that leaf, kernel, and shuck P

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Adel F. Ahmed, Hongjun Yu, Xueyong Yang, and Weijie Jiang

to an increase in number of fruit, yield, and total yield. On the other hand, a significant decrease in net photosynthesis rate and chlorophyll content of a leaf was observed by increasing deficit irrigation (data not shown). This reduction in net

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Andrew L. Thomas, Jackie L. Harris, Elijah A. Bergmeier, and R. Keith Striegler

within tubes ( Bordelon and Blume, 2000 ). However, that study did not evaluate effects of this greater leaf and biomass production on subsequent year growth or eventual fruit production, precocity, or quality. In a greenhouse study, Miller et al. (1996a

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Thomas G. Bottoms, Mark P. Bolda, Mark L. Gaskell, and Timothy K. Hartz

research has been conducted in this region in recent decades even as improvements in cultivars and production practices have dramatically raised fruit yields, which now commonly exceed 25 tons/acre. While there is a substantial body of recent research on

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Lauren Lindsey, Raymon Shange, Ramble O. Ankumah, Desmond G. Mortley, and Sangita Karki

production showed that leaf N, P, and K concentrations were greatest in the compost/cover crop combination compared with the other systems ( Treadwell et al., 2008 ). Other studies found greater P, Mg, and Fe levels in organic systems and those mineral

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Fengyun Zhao, Yu Jiang, Xiufeng He, Huaifeng Liu, and Kun Yu

of Northwest Himalayas J. Plant Nutr. 40 3 196 203 Shen, H. Shen, Z.J. Li, Y. Lai, Y.L. Jia, Z.H. Yi, J.H. 2017 Promotion of lateral root growth and leaf quality of flue-cured tobacco by the combined application of humic acids and NPK chemical

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Ana Morales-Sillero, R. Jiménez, J.E. Fernández, A. Troncoso, and G. Beltrán

influence of N–P–K fertigation on ‘Manzanilla de Sevilla’ olive oil yield and composition. This cultivar is particularly appreciated for table olive production because of its productivity and fruit quality. Although the fruit oil content is not very high, it

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Paola Crinò, Chiara Lo Bianco, Youssef Rouphael, Giuseppe Colla, Francesco Saccardo, and Antonino Paratore

species ( C. melo L.) and very rarely onto pumpkin ( Cucurbita spp ., Cucurbita moschata × Cucurbita maxima hybrids) and white gourd ( Benincasa hispida ) rootstocks. However, in these cases, the taste and the fruit shape may be often negatively

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Amir Ali Khoddamzadeh and Bruce L. Dunn

chrysanthemum cultivars 52 d after initial fertilizer application of 16–9–12 N–P–K controlled-release fertilizer. Effects of additional fertilizer on NDVI, SPAD, atLEAF, leaf N concentration values, and plant characteristics in ‘Jacqueline Yellow’ and ‘Amico

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Diana Carolina Núñez-López, Augusto Ramírez-Godoy, and Hermann Restrepo-Díaz

( Hall et al., 2007 ) and Cacopsylla pyri (Psyllidae) in pears ( Saour et al., 2010 ). In addition, use of kaolin can have positive effects on the plant physiology ( Glenn and Puterka, 2002 ). It has also been stated that leaf temperature and/or fruit