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Kirandeep K. Mann, Arnold W. Schumann, Thomas A. Obreza, and Jerry B. Sartain

) weekly using a SPAD-502 chlorophyll meter (Minolta Corp., Ramsey, NJ). Shoot length was also measured weekly. Interveinal chlorosis symptoms on the leaves were rated using six classes with 0 as green and healthy, 1 as slightly yellow, 2 as one-fourth of

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Ryan W. Dickson, Paul R. Fisher, Sonali R. Padhye, and William R. Argo

are also known to differ in susceptibility to iron deficiency ( Fröechlich and Fehr, 1981 ; Gao and Shi, 2007 ; Marschner, 1995 ; Norvell and Adams, 2006 ). Typical symptoms of iron deficiency include interveinal chlorosis of young shoots and

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Marci Spaw, Kimberly A. Williams, Laurie Hodges, Ellen T. Paparozzi, and Ingrid L. Mallberg

extension publication that guided her production strategy ( Smith, 2001 ). On 23 Jan., Maria noticed subtle chlorosis appearing on about a third of her dicentra crop. It tended to be interveinal and did not quite reach the leaf margins. In general, it was

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Jayesh B. Samtani, John B. Masiunas, and James E. Appleby

Beginning in the early 1980s, there were reports of white oak ( Quercus alba L.) leaves losing interveinal tissues throughout the Midwest [ Green, 1985 ; Haugen et al., 2000 ; Leatherberry et al., 2004 ; Wisconsin Department of Agriculture

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Chad E. Finn, Bernadine C. Strik, Brian M. Yorgey, and Robert R. Martin

the second year presumably as a result of root rot. In California, ‘Vintage’ was more susceptible than other cultivars (proprietary) to irrigation water with high bicarbonate levels that caused yellowing and interveinal chlorosis on older leaves ( Fig

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Maria I. Villarroel-Zeballos, Chunda Feng, Angela Iglesias, Lindsey J. du Toit, and James C. Correll

cycle had been initiated (bolted) by increasing the duration of daylength ( du Toit et al., 2005 ). Symptoms of Verticillium wilt of spinach include leaf chlorosis, sometimes interveinal chlorosis, and wilting, starting with the lower (older) leaves and

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Timothy K. Broschat

. Iron deficiency appears on newly emerging leaves as a uniform or interveinal chlorosis. In severe cases, new leaves may emerge almost white in color, with extensive leaf tip necrosis. Because Fe tends to accumulate in older leaves ( Broschat, 1997

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Tom A. Street, Richard B. Doyle, and Dugald C. Close

, purple veins, and severe interveinal chlorosis of young leaves ( Figs. 3C and 4C ). The visual symptoms and growth differences were largest for the Total Fert treatments: Total Fert non-biochar-treated plants were severely stunted and leaves developed

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Gerardo H. Nunez, James W. Olmstead, and Rebecca L. Darnell

adjusted to 5.5 for each weekly change, but solutions were prepared without MES to document pH changes in the rhizosphere starting on day 14 as well. After 56 d of treatment (70 d in total), subjective interveinal chlorosis ratings of the plants were made

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Kelly T. Morgan, Robert E. Rouse, and Robert C. Ebel

, 2000 ). Different types of chlorosis develop, including interveinal chlorosis of young leaves, similar in symptomology to Zn and Mn deficiencies that develop early in the growing season, followed by amorphous mottling of older leaves, which develop