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Peiyan Li, Xiaolin Zheng, Md. Golam Ferdous Chowdhury, Kim Cordasco, and Jeffrey K. Brecht

281 Zheng, X.L. Jing, G.X. Liu, Y. Jiang, T.J. Jiang, Y.M. Li, J.R. 2012 Expression of expansin gene, MiExpA1, and activity of galactosidase and polygalacturonase in mango fruit as affected by oxalic acid during storage at room temperature Food Chem

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Yang Li, Juanqi Li, Guoxiu Wu, Yanman Li, Aimin Shen, Deli Ma, and Shengli Li

Trends Biotechnol. 23 6 1308 1314 Downes, B.P. Steinbaker, C.R. Crowell, D.N. 2001 Expression and processing of a hormonally regulated β -expansin from soybean Plant Physiol. 126 1 1308 1314 Elings, A. Meinen, E. Campen, J. Stanghellini, C. 2007 The

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Tripti Vashisth, D. Scott NeSmith, and Anish Malladi

-transglycosylases/hydrolases, and expansins (reviewed in Kim, 2014 and Taylor and Whitelaw, 2001 ). The activity of these enzymes can lead to the dissolution of the cell wall aiding in the progression of cell separation. Various transcription factors are involved in coordinating

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Bishnu P. Khanal and Moritz Knoche

wall as a result of the activity of cell-wall-modifying enzymes such as expansins, cellulases, and pectinases. The latter are particularly active during the postharvest period. One or, more likely, several of these processes must account for the

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Lili Dong, Tongrui Liu, Di Gao, Jing Li, and Jie Qian

transformation of Arabidopsis thaliana Plant J. 16 735 743 Dal Santo, S. Fasoli, M. Cavallini, E. Tornielli, G.B. Pezzotti, M. Zenoni, S. 2011 PhEXPA1, a Petunia hybrida expansin, is involved in cell wall metabolism and in plant architecture specification

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Cecilia E. McGregor, Douglas W. Miano, Don R. LaBonte, Mary Hoy, Chris A. Clark, and Guilherme J.M. Rosa

been described after infection of Arabidopsis thaliana with turnip mosaic virus (TuMV) ( Yang et al., 2007 ). Xyloglucan endotransglucosylase/hydrolases (XTH) and expansins are involved in cell expansion, and suppression of these genes is probably

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Julia M. Harshman, Wayne M. Jurick II, Kim S. Lewers, Shiow Y. Wang, and Christopher S. Walsh

, P.P. Howard, L. 2005 Variability of antioxidant content in raspberry germplasm. IX Intl. Rubus and Ribes Symp. 777. p. 493 498 Zheng, D.S. Hrazdina, G. 2010 Cloning and characterization of an expansin gene, RiEXP1, and a 1-aminocyclopropane-1

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Gaofeng Zhou, Bixian Li, Jianmei Chen, Fengxian Yao, Guan Guan, Guidong Liu, and Qingjiang Wei

Cristóbal et al., 2008 ) and Citrus ( Zhou et al., 2015 ) plants, such as xyloglucan endotransglycosylase/hydrolases, expansins, pectin methylesterases, and polygalacturonases. Therefore, based on the aforementioned research results, the inhibited root

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Alexander G. Litvin, Christopher J. Currey, and Lester A. Wilson

Cosgrove, D.J. 2000 Loosening of plant cell walls by expansins Nature 407 321 326 Craver, J.K. Gerovac, J.R. Lopez, R.G. Kopsell, D.A. 2017 Light intensity and light quality from sole-source light emitting diodes impact phytochemical concentrations within

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Qingwu Meng, Jennifer Boldt, and Erik S. Runkle

stem and hypocotyl elongation and hyponasty, involving the regulation of DELLA proteins through gibberellin, control of auxin, and changes in cell wall extensibility through expansins and xyloglucan endotransglucosylase/hydrolases ( Djakovic-Petrovic et