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Ying Ma, Xinduo Li, Zhanying Gu, and Jian’an Li

absorb across a broad range of blue and red light. Carotenoid pigments are synthesized by many photosynthetic and nonphotosynthetic organisms (e.g., plants, bacteria, and fungi). Carotenoids absorb light between 460 and 550 nm. They appear orange, red

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Yan Bai, Wen Chen, Shou-Zan Liu, Lin-Yu Xu, Zhe Li, and Bin Liu

of Tetrastigma hemsleyanum . Different lowercase letters indicate a significant difference at the 0.05 level ( P < 0.05). CK-W, colorless plastic film, control group; RF, red film; YF, yellow film; GF, green film; BF, blue film; SRP, spring rapid

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Susan M. Hawkins and Carol D. Robacker

perennial grass native to most of the continental United States ( Fu et al., 2004 ; Springer, 2012 ; Williams and Briske, 1991 ). In recent years, it also has become a popular landscape plant ( Fu et al., 2004 ; Meyer, 2012 ). Little bluestem has a wide

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Xiaohua Yang, Susan K. Brown, and Peter J. Davies

neutral compounds using mixed-function reverse-phase/anion-exchange solid-phase-extraction cartridges (Strata-X-A; Phenomenex, Torrance, CA): total (yellow) and after removal of neutral compounds (magenta). The detector response, indicating the amount of

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Alyssa R. Tarrant, Daniel C. Brainard, and Zachary D. Hayden

season grasses (cereal rye, winter barley, and winter wheat), three warm season grasses (Italian ryegrass, teff, and sudangrass) and three legumes grown in combination with a rye nurse crop (Dutch white clover, New Zealand white clover, and yellow blossom

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Thierry E. Besançon, Maggie H. Wasacz, and Joseph R. Heckman

intensity using a digital colorimeter fitted with a 550-nm filter for NO 3 and a 660-nm filter for NH 4 detection, respectively. Concentration was evaluated by comparison with standard calibration curves. Weed infestation In Spring 2017, visual

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Ioannis Tsirogiannis, Nikolaos Katsoulas, and Constantinos Kittas

individual leaves, but a reduction of the total leaf area exposed to sensors. However, for short time periods, reduction of leaf area exposed may be observed as a result of leaves' orientation changes. It has been reported that the yellow–red visible region

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Mekjell Meland and Clive Kaiser

and assumed to be of average fruit weight. A sample of 10 randomly selected fruits from each tree was taken at the first selective pick and this was used to measure external and internal fruit quality [fruit weight, firmness, scores for yellow

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S. Christopher Marble, Andrew K. Koeser, and Gitta Hasing

placement to weed management in spring wheat ( Titicum aestivum ) Weed Technol. 12 507 514 Kolb, T.E. 1988 Allelopathic effects of Kentucky bluegrass on northern red oak and yellow poplar J. Arbor. 14 281 283 Kristoffersen, P. Rask, A.M. Larsen, S.U. 2008

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Edward J. Nangle, David S. Gardner, James D. Metzger, Dominic P. Petrella, Tom K. Danneberger, Luis Rodriguez-Saona, and John L. Cisar

Light plays a crucial role in turfgrass growth and development and is considered most important in wavelengths of 400–700 nm or photosynthetically active radiation ( PAR ) ( Pons et al., 1993 ). Light wavelengths and spectral distribution vary with