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Sahar Eid, Keri L. Druffel, Dayle E. Saar, and Hanu R. Pappu

Register of Dahlia Names, 1969 et seq. ). There are more than a dozen viruses that infect dahlia ( Albouy, 1995 ). All of these viruses are RNA viruses except one DNA virus, Dahlia mosaic caulimovirus (DMV). DMV is widely prevalent in cultivated dahlias

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Guo-qing Song, Aaron E. Walworth, and Wayne H. Loescher

-distance transport of RNAs in grafted plants ( Table 1 ), indicating that some RNA molecules are systemic signals capable of regulating target genes/traits; and 3) plant virus vector systems that have been widely used for RNA production and delivery in woody plants

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Hiroaki Ito, Masaki Ochiai, Hiroaki Kato, Katsuhiro Shiratake, Daigo Takemoto, Shungo Otagaki, and Shogo Matsumoto

. Virus-induced silencing of PDS gene in the seedlings of rose. The 162-bp fragment of the PDS gene in rose was inserted into an ALSV-RNA2-based vector ( Fig. 2 ). The resulting virus was designated as pEALSR2L5R5-mulPDS (mulPDS-ALSV), and total RNAs

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Cristina Zambrana-Echevarría, Lorriane De Jesús-Kim, Rocio Márquez-Karry, Dimuth Siritunga, and David Jenkins

Center for Biotechnology Information GenBank for each Papaya ringspot virus isolate coat protein gene sequence is shown as well. RNA isolation, reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction, and degenerate primer design. Tissue weighing 100 mg was

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Nihat Guner, Luis A. Rivera-Burgos, and Todd C. Wehner

, 2017 ). Plant diseases incited by viruses are a major limiting factor in commercial watermelon production worldwide. More than 10 viruses are known to be a problem in watermelon field production ( Ali et al., 2012 ; Wang et al., 2017 ). The major

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John F. Murphy and Fenny Dane

Involvement of RNA2 for systemic infection of Cucumber mosaic virus isolated from lily on zucchini squash Virus Res. 97 1 6 10.1016/S0168-1702(03)00215-6 Damicone, J.P. Edelson, J.V. Sherwood, J.L. Meyers, L.D. Motes, J.E. 2007 Effects of border crops and

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Cindy B.S. Tong, Hsueh-Yuan Chang, James J. Luby, David Bedford, Benham E.L. Lockhart, Roy G. Kiambi, and Dimitre Mollov

et al., 2011 ), and Pepino mosaic virus ( Moerkens et al., 2015 ). ACLSV, Apple stem grooving virus (ASGV), and ASPV are widely distributed and commonly occurring in apples. All three are single-stranded RNA viruses, typically latent (symptomless

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Alexander Luckew, Geoffrey Meru, Ya-Ying Wang, Rodrick Mwatuwa, Mathews Paret, Renato Carvalho, Melanie Kalischuk, Andre Luiz Biscaia Ribeiro da Silva, Joara Candian, Bhabesh Dutta, Rajagopalbabu Srinivasan, Saritha Raman Kavalappara, Naga Charan Konakalla RRD, Sudeep Bag, and Cecilia McGregor

Crinivirus , as revealed by determination of the complete RNA genome sequence of Cucurbit yellow stunting disorder virus J. Gen. Virol. 84 2555 2564 Akad, F. Webb, S. Nyoike, T.W. Liburd, O.E. Turechek, W

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Derek W. Barchenger, Sopana Yule, Nakarin Jeeatid, Shih-wen Lin, Yen-wei Wang, Tsung-han Lin, Yuan-li Chan, and Lawrence Kenyon

other tested viral RNA, and none tested positive by ELISA for other viruses. This suggests that the experiment was valid and the disease ratings for PepYLCThV were not confounded with symptoms of other viruses. The Kruskal-Wallis test by ranks (α = 0

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Zhong-Bin Wu, Hsin-Mei Ku, Yuh-Kun Chen, Chung-Jan Chang, and Fuh-Jyh Jan

. Ultrathin sections stained with uranyl acetate followed by lead citrate were examined with a JEOL 1200 EXII transmission electron microscope (JEOL Ltd.). Molecular cloning and sequence analyses. Total RNAs were extracted from healthy and virus