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Dario J. Chavez, Thomas G. Beckman, and José X. Chaparro

accepted. Rehder’s (1940) classification divided Prunus into five subgenera: Prunophora ( Prunus ), Amygdalus , Cerasus , Padus , and Laurocerasus . The subgenus Prunus was further divided into sections: Euprunus , Prunocerasus (North

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Mariem Bouhadida, Juan P. Martín, Gennady Eremin, Jorge Pinochet, María Á. Moreno, and Yolanda Gogorcena

). The basic chromosome number of Prunus is x = 8. Almond [ P. dulcis D.A. Webb (formerly P. amygdalus Batsch)], peach [ P. persica (L.) Batsch], apricot ( P. armeniaca L.), and sweet cherry ( P. avium L.) are diploids with 2 n = 2 x = 16

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Antonio Carrillo-Navarro, Alfonso Guevara-Gazquez, Margarita Pérez-Jiménez, Leonor Ruiz-García, and José Cos-Terrer

.G. Marrazzo, M.T. Peterlunger, E. Testolin, R. 1999 AC/GT and AG/CT microsatellite repeats in peach [ Prunus persica (L) Batsch]: Isolation, characterization and cross-species amplification in Prunus Theor. Appl. Genet. 99 65 72 Dirlewanger, E. Crosson, A

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Antonio J. Felipe

among the progeny obtained in the cross between the Spanish almond ‘Garfi’ [ Prunus amygdalus Batsch, syn. P. dulcis (Mill.) D.A. Webb] as the female parent and the North American peach ‘Nemared’ [ P. persica (L.) Batsch] as the pollen donor. ‘Garfi

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María José Arismendi, Patricio Hinrichsen, Ruben Almada, Paula Pimentel, Manuel Pinto, and Boris Sagredo

collected ( Table 1 ). In accordance with similar taxonomic, morphological, and pedigree data available from databases, three groups were defined as 1) peach ( Amygdalus subgenus); 2) plum ( Prunus subgenus); and 3) cherry ( Cerasus subgenus). It was not

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Zuguo Cai, Wenfang Zeng, Liang Niu, Zhenhua Lu, Guochao Cui, Yunqin Zhu, Lei Pan, Yifeng Ding, and Zhiqiang Wang

Amygdalus spp. by molecular markers (in Chinese) J. Huazhong Agr. Univ. 20 199 204 Cheng, Z. Huang, H. 2009 SSR fingerprinting Chinese peach cultivars and landraces ( Prunus persica ) and analysis of their genetic relationships Sci. Hort. 120 188 193 Dangl

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Xiaojuan Zong, Brandon J. Denler, Gharbia H. Danial, Yongjian Chang, and Guo-qing Song

organogenic callus of sweet cherry ( Prunus avium L.) Plant Cell Tissue Organ Cult. 90 201 214 Gentile, A. Monticelli, S. Damiano, C. 2002 Adventitious shoot regeneration in peach [Prunus persica (L.) Batsch] Plant Cell Rep. 20 1011 1016 Hammatt, N. 1993

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Marie Pairon, Anne-Laure Jacquemart, and Daniel Potter

fruit had been collected unripe. PCR amplification and microsatellite analysis Sixty-seven microsatellite primer pairs originally designed in Prunus persica (L.) Batsch, Prunus avium L., and Prunus cerasus L. ( Ahmad et al., 2004

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Rafel Socias i Company, Ossama Kodad, José M. Alonso, and Antonio J. Felipe

The almond ( Prunus amygdalus Batsch) breeding program of the Centro de Investigación y Tecnología Agroalimentaria of Aragón aims to develop new self-compatible and late-blooming cultivars to solve the main problem detected in Spanish almond

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Qijing Zhang and Dajun Gu

(L) Batsch]: Isolation, characterization and cross-species amplification in Prunus Theor. Appl. Genet. 99 65 72 Felipe, A.J. 2009 ‘Felinem’, ‘Garnem’, and ‘Monegro’ Almond × Peach hybrid rootstocks HortScience 44 196 197 Gulcan, R. 1985 Descriptor