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Concetta Licciardello, Biagio Torrisi, Maria Allegra, Fabiola Sciacca, Giancarlo Roccuzzo, Francesco Intrigliolo, Giuseppe Reforgiato Recupero, Paola Tononi, Massimo Delledonne, and Vera Muccilli

such as lignification, suberization, auxin metabolism, crosslinking of cell wall proteins, salt tolerance, and oxidative stress ( Passardi et al., 2005 ). GPX expression is generally up-regulated in response to stresses such as Fe deficiency ( Almansa

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Haiyan Zhang

seed germination, and thereby plant establishment, on saline soils. Salt stress can impose both ionic toxicity and osmotic stress on plants, which lead to nutritional imbalance and oxidative stress caused by reactive oxygen species (ROS) ( Zhu, 2003

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Cui-ping Hua, Zhong-kui Xie, Zhi-jiang Wu, Yu-bao Zhang, Zhi-hong Guo, Yang Qiu, Le Wang, and Ya-jun Wang

inhibited the growth of apple plants by inducing oxidative stress and oxidative damage ( Bai et al., 2009 ). Reactive oxygen species (O 2 • − , H 2 O 2 , •OH) and their associated oxidative stress are considered to be an action mechanism for allelochemicals

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Carolina A. Torres, Omar Hernandez, Maria A. Moya-León, Ivan Razmilic, and David R. Rudell

sunburn and “stain” incidence ( Schrader et al., 2008 ). Sun injury or sunburn of fleshy fruit is caused by absorption of excess solar energy by exposed tissue, leading to photoinhibition and oxidative stress ( Ma and Cheng, 2003 ; 2004 ; Torres et al

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Dawei Shi, Xiaodong Wei, Guoxiang Chen, and Yanli Xu

the integrity of photosynthetic membranes under oxidative stress ( Kuk et al., 2003 ). Many morphological, physiological, and ecological differences between males and females have been observed in a number of dioecious species in relation to

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Chae Shin Lim, Seong Mo Kang, Jeoung Lai Cho, and Kenneth C. Gross

by dot pitting followed by sheet pitting ( Hardenburg et al., 1986 ). Oxidative stress is associated with the appearance of chilling damage in apple [ Malus × domestica Borkh. ( Rupasinghe et al., 2000 )], cucumber [ Cucumis sativus L. ( Hariyadi

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Carolina Aparicio, Miguel Urrestarazu, and María del Pilar Cordovilla

decrease in total thiol concentration in ‘Casta Cabra’ (34%), ‘Picual’ (27%), ‘Picudo’ (22%), and ‘Frantoio’ (11%) ( Table 3 ), probably as a result of the oxidation of non-protein -SH groups. Oxidative stress depletion on non-protein thiols enhances the

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Georgia Ntatsi, Dimitrios Savvas, Georgia Ntatsi, Hans-Peter Kläring, and Dietmar Schwarz

oxidative stress resulting in increased formation of ROS. The contrasting differences in root MDA levels between ‘Kommeet’ plants grafted onto LA 1777 and those grafted onto S. lycopersicum rootstocks when exposed to 17 and 14.6 °C clearly demonstrate

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Dipayan Sarkar, Prasanta C. Bhowmik, Young-In-Kwon, and Kalidas Shetty

photooxidative stress. With decreasing temperatures, the solubility of air increases, which leads to a higher concentration of oxygen and thus enhances the risk of oxidative stress at low temperatures ( Polle, 1997 ). Plant injury caused by freezing stress, along

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Kai Jia, Cunyao Yan, Huizhuan Yan, and Jie Gao

and their wild-type parents under salt stress Physiol. Plant. 138 1 1567 1574 Apel, K. Hirt, H. 2004 Reactive oxygen species: Metabolism, oxidative stress, and signal transduction Annu. Rev. Plant Biol. 55 1 1567 1574 Ashraf, M.A. Rasool, M. Ali, Q