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Michael B. Thomas, Jonathan H. Crane, James J. Ferguson, Howard W. Beck, and Joseph W. Noling

The TFRUIT·Xpert and CIT·Xpert computerbased diagnostic programs can quickly assist commercial producers, extension agents, and homeowners in the diagnosis of diseases, insect pest problems and physiological disorders. The CIT·Xpert system focuses on citrus (Citrus spp.), whereas the TFRUIT·Xpert system focuses on avocado (Persea americana Mill.), carambola (Averrhoa carambola L.), lychee (Litchi chinensis Sonn.), mango (Mangifera indica L.), papaya (Carica papaya L.), and `Tahiti' lime (Citrus latifolia Tan.). The systems were developed in cooperation with research and extension specialists with expertise in the area of diagnosing diseases, disorders, and pest problems of citrus and tropical fruit. The systems' methodology reproduces the diagnostic reasoning process of these experts. Reviews of extension and research literature and 35-mm color slide images were completed to obtain representative information and slide images illustrative of diseases, disorders, and pest problems specific to Florida. The diagnostic programs operate under Microsoft-Windows. Full-screen color images are linked to symptoms (87 for CIT·Xpert and 167 for TFRUIT·Xpert) of diseases, disorders, and insect pest problems of citrus and tropical fruit, respectively. Users can also refer to summary documents and retrieve management information from the Univ. of Florida's Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences extension publications through hypertext links. The programs are available separately on CD-ROM and each contains over 150 digital color images of symptoms.

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Yu-Chun Chu, Tzong-Shyan Lin, and Jer-Chia Chang

production in Taiwan. Proc. Symp. Lychee Ind. Dev. Taiwan. p. 95–114 [in Chinese with English abstract] Chang, J.C. Lin, T.S. 2008 Fruit yield and quality as related to flushes of bearing shoots in litchi J. Amer. Soc. Hort. Sci. 133 284 289 Chang, J.C. Lin

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Yu-Chi Lee and Jer-Chia Chang

, fruit number, and fruit set rate could increase the yield of the leafy inflorescence. Literature Cited Batten, D.J. McConchie, C.A. 1995 Floral induction in growing buds of lychee ( Litchi chinensis ) and mango ( Mangifera indica ) Austral. J. Plant

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Tracie K. Matsumoto, Mike A. Nagao, and Bruce Mackey

Longan is in the Sapindaceae family along with its other better known relatives, lychee ( Litchi chinensis ) and rambutan ( Nephelium lappaceum ). Commonly referred to as dragon eye, the longan fruit is smooth, round, and yellowish brown at harvest

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Eleanor W. Hoffman, Dirk U. Bellstedt, and Gerard Jacobs

phenology has similarities to some tropical and subtropical tree crops, such as mango ( Mangifera indica L.) and lychee ( Litchi chinensis Sonn.), where vegetative shoots exhibit periodic extension (flushing) ended by production of an inflorescence

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Ricardo Goenaga

Rambutan is a member of the soapberry (Sapindaceae) family and along with other important fruit crops such as lychee ( Litchee chinensis ) and longan ( Dimocarpus longan ) is native to southeast Asia ( Tindall, 1994 ). The edible portion of the

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Jer-Chia Chang and Tzong-Shyan Lin

growth processes of lychee, a recurrently flushing tree, are similar but optima differ Aust. J. Plant Physiol. 21 589 602 Blanke, M.M. Lenz, F. 1989 Fruit photosynthesis: a review Plant Cell Environ. 12 31

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Jiefang Wu, Danwen Fu, Jiezhen Chen, Changhe Cai, Qian Yan, and Liangxi Ou

. Gallotta, A. Camposeo, S. Pacifico, A. Ferrara, G. 2014 Amount and quality of pollen grains in four olive ( Olea europaea L.) cultivars as affected by ‘on’ and ‘off’ years Sci. Hort. 170 89 93 Menzel, C. 2001 The physiology of growth and cropping in lychee

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Beiquan Mou and Guangyao Wang

, apricot, banana, cherry, grape, kiwifruit, lemon, lime, lychee, mandarin, mango, orange, pear, persimmon, and quince), nuts (almond, coconut, and pistachio), vegetables (carrot, Chinese cabbage, chives, cucumber, daikon, eggplant, garlic, lettuce, onion

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Ricardo Goenaga and David Jenkins

.F. Nishijima, K. Keith, L. Goenaga, R. 2010 Dolabra nepheliae on rambutan and lychee represents a novel lineage of phytopathogenic Eurotiomycetes Mycoscience 51 300 309 Rossman, A.Y. Goenaga, R. Keith, L. 2007 First report of Dolabra nepheliae on rambutan