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Ruixiang Yan, Joshua B. Gurtler, James P. Mattheis, and Xuetong Fan

covered by a thin cuticular layer containing 15% waxes and 19% cutin and are filled by polysaccharide material (63%) containing hydroxycinnamic acid derivatives and flavonoids ( Fernández et al., 2011 ). The wax may reflect ultraviolet-C as well as shade

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Frank G. Bethea Jr., Dara Park, Andrew Mount, Nick Menchyk, and Haibo Liu

comprised of two main portions: the cutin, which provides structure, and waxes, which provide protective functions to the plant. Many of the protective functions of the cuticle, especially repellency, can be attributed to the cuticular and epicuticular waxes

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Celina Gómez and James Robbins

during the typical production cycle of nursery crops. Despite being an organic compound, rice hulls consist mainly of lignin, cutin, and insoluble silica, providing a slow breakdown of particles and therefore making PBH an appropriate substrate for long

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Mark E. Herrington, Craig Hardner, Malcolm Wegener, Louella L. Woolcock, and Mark J. Dieters

features such as fruit expansion and the cessation of cutin deposition in the cuticular membrane with advancing maturity ( Knoche and Peschel, 2007 ). However, we found no specific reports in strawberry on the diffusion of water through the cuticular

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Kareen Stanich, Margaret Cliff, and Cheryl Hampson

constituents in the cell walls ( Choi et al., 2002a ; Salato et al., 2013 ), as well as the cuticle composition (waxes and cutin) of the fruit epidermis both at harvest ( Lara et al., 2015 ; Peschel et al., 2007 ) and after storage ( Belge et al., 2014

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Karthik-Joseph John-Karuppiah and Jacqueline K. Burns

Espelie, K.E. Davis, R.W. Kolattukudy, P.E. 1980 Composition, ultrastructure and function of the cutin- and suberin-containing layers in the leaf, fruit peel, juice-sac and inner seed coat of grapefruit ( Citrus paradisi Macfed

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Qiuyue Ma, Shushun Li, Jing Wen, Lu Zhu, Kunyuan Yan, Qianzhong Li, Shuxian Li, and Bin Zhang

). Specifically, 754 DEGs were associated with FA metabolism, 34 were associated with arachidonic acid metabolism, 34 were associated with UFA biosynthesis, 42 were associated with cutin, suberin, and wax biosynthesis, 44 were associated with FA biosynthesis, 42