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Yanjun Guo, Terri Starman, and Charles Hall

, flowering, and senesced inflorescence numbers, and chlorotic leaf number. Photos of shoots were obtained at the end of production and postproduction to determine the shoot coloring percentage (the percentage of the plant canopy covered by flowers) for all

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Hae Keun Yun, Kyo Sun Park, Jeong Ho Roh, Yong Bum Kwack, Ji Hae Jun, Seok Tae Jeong, Han Ik Jang, Seung Heui Kim, and Yong Uk Shin

‘Jinok’ (‘Delaware’ × ‘Campbell Early’) is a new table grape cultivar showing early-ripening berries with uniform coloring of skin and high quality. ‘Jinok’ has a mean bud burst on 11 Apr., flowering on 24 May, and fruit maturity on 23 Aug. The

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Pablo Rodriguez, Juan Camilo Henao, Guillermo Correa, and Ana Aristizabal

. (2013) . When the fruit diameter reached 20 to 23 mm [fruit with atypical coloring, blotchy peduncles, peduncle banding, and black fruit coloring ( Fig. 2 )], among other abscission symptoms, were discarded ( Delgado and Villanueva, 2014 ). Fig. 1. (A

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Xiao-min Liu, Xin-zhi Zhang, Yi-min Shi, and Dong-qin Tang

days between 20% plant sprouting and 40% flowering stem appearing. Flower bud coloring period was counted by the interval days between 40% flowering stem appearing and 40% flower bud coloring. The early, full, and late blossoming periods were counted by

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Fengyun Zhao, Yu Jiang, Xiufeng He, Huaifeng Liu, and Kun Yu

were taken between 9:00 am and 10:00 am on days 15, 35, 55, and 75 after blossoming (during the earlier and later fruit expansion period, coloring period, and ripening period). The fruit and peel were separated, frozen in liquid nitrogen, and stored

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Xiuxiu Sun, Elizabeth Baldwin, Mark Ritenour, Anne Plotto, and Jinhe Bai

principal coloring component of annatto is the oil-soluble apocarotenoid 9’-cis bixin, which is the methyl ester of the water-soluble derivative 9’-cis norbixin and accounts for 70% to 80% of annatto pigment ( Rao et al., 2005 ; Tummala et al., 2012 ). Oil

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Maria I. Andrade, Abilio Alvaro, Joana Menomussanga, Godwill S. Makunde, José Ricardo, Wolfgang J. Grüneberg, Raúl Eyzaguirre, Jan Low, and Rodomiro Ortiz

growth of human retinal pigment damage-protective activities on epithelial cells ( Kubow et al., 2016 ; Sun et al., 2015 ). Moreover, PFSP can be used for natural food coloring, which is a relatively new market for sweetpotato and cultivars high in

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Hae Keun Yun, Kyo Sun Park, Jeong Ho Roh, Yong Bum Kwack, Ji Hae Jun, Seok Tae Jeong, Seung Hui Kim, Han Ik Jang, and Yong Uk Shin

facilitating vineyard management such as excellent coloring of skins and easy bearing habit. Availability Requests for cuttings for research purposes may be addressed to Haekeun Yun ( ). Vines are available for sale at the Korean

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Hua Gao, Zheng-yang Zhao, Yu-miao Lu, Yi-zhen Wan, Lei-cun Wang, Jing-jun Yuan, and Peter M. Hirst

25 Mar.; flowering date is 2 to 4 Apr.; flowering begins mid-April in northern China, 2 or 3 d earlier than ‘Royal Gala’; fruit coloring starts on 15 July; and ripening starts mid-July, which is 2 weeks earlier than ‘Royal Gala’ and 1 week earlier

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Binjie Xu, Yongxia Chen, Wangxiang Zhang, and Donglin Zhang

auricle. The leaf margin is crenate, and the leaf surface has moderate luster and a dark green color. There is a moderate degree of anthocyanin coloring ( Fig. 1C ). Fruit. The fruit is tapered and has a long pedicel. There is no fruit powder