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Xiaotao Ding, Yuping Jiang, Dafeng Hui, Lizhong He, Danfeng Huang, Jizhu Yu, and Qiang Zhou

and carbon storage in aboveground biomass of a boreal bioenergy crop ( Phalaris arundinacea L.) under varying water regimes Glob. Change Biol. Bioenergy 3 223 234

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Jason Sanders, Tina Marie Waliczek, and Jean-Marc Gandonou

Shiralipour, A. McConnell, D. Smith, W. 1992 Uses and benefits of MSW compost: A review and an assessment Biomass Bioenergy 3 267 279 Slivka, D.C. Thomas, M.A. Buhr, A.R. Albrecht, R. 1992 Compost: United States supply and demand Biomass Bioenergy 3 281 299

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Sabrina J. Ruis, Humberto Blanco-Canqui, Ellen T. Paparozzi, and Russ Zeeck

tomato production: Nutrient balance, plant growth, and fruit quality Front. Plant Sci. 8 1327 Zhao, G. Bryan, B.A. King, D. Luo, Z. Wang, E. Yu, Q. 2015 Sustainable limits to crop residue harvest for bioenergy: Maintaining soil carbon in Australia

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Rita L. Hummel, Craig Cogger, Andy Bary, and Robert Riley

cropping systems. Lewis, Boca Raton, FL Frear, C. Zhao, B. Fu, G. Richardson, M. Chen, S. 2005 Biomass inventory and bioenergy assessment: An evaluation of organic material resources for bioenergy production in Washington State. Washington Dept. Ecol

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Jun Li, Zhongyue Lu, Hamza Elkhouchlaa, Jiaquan Lin, Can Li, Hao Wang, and Zhou Yang

, S. Narayan, S. 2009 Bioenergy size reduction of high- and low-moisture corn stalks by linear knife grid system Biomass Bioenergy 33 4 208 216 doi: 10.1016/j.biombioe.2008.09.004 Igathinathane, C. Womac, A.R. Sokhansanj, S. 2010 Corn stalk orientation

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Geoffrey Meru and Cecilia McGregor

Bioenergy 31 497 502 Leon, A. Lee, M. Rufener, G. Berry, S. Mowers, R. 1995 Use of RFLP markers for genetic linkage analysis of oil percentage in sunflower seed Crop Sci. 35 558 564 Nerson, H. Paris, H.S. 2000 Relationship between fruit size and seed size in

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Theodore J.K. Radovich, Archana Pant, Ian Gurr, Ngyuen V. Hue, Jari Sugano, Brent Sipes, Norman Arancon, Clyde Tamaru, Bradley K. Fox, Kent D. Kobayashi, and Robert Paull

Concentration of key elements in North American meat & bone meal Biomass Bioenergy 32 887 891 Gurr, I. 2011 Evaluating vermicompost and rendered meat products as local media components in vegetable seedling production. Univ. Hawai'i, Mānoa, MS Thesis Hargreaves

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Peng Shi, Yong Wang, Dapeng Zhang, Yin Min Htwe, and Leonard Osayande Ihase

palm oil—an analysis of its properties and potential Biomass Bioenergy 23 6 1275 1279 Khan, A.S.M.M.R. Kabir, M.Y. Alam, M.M. 2009 Variability, correlation, path analysis of yield and yield components of pointed gourd. J. Agr. Rural Dev. 7

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Alan Zuk, Qi Zhang, Ted Helms, and Harlene Hatterman-Valenti

× giganteus ) Glob. Change Biol. Bioenergy 4 688 697 Wilson, C.R. 2011 Ornamental grasses. Colorado State Univ. Coop. Ext. Serv. Bul. 7.232. 27 Oct. 2015. < >

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David M. Olszyk, Tamotsu Shiroyama, Jeffrey M. Novak, Keri B. Cantrell, Gilbert Sigua, Donald W. Watts, and Mark G. Johnson

mechanistic approach. Wiley, New York Biederman, L.A. Harpole, W.S. 2013 Biochar and its effects on plant productivity and nutrient cycling: a meta-analysis Glob. Change Biol. Bioenergy 5 202 214 Bjarnadottir, A. 2019 Carrots 101: Nutrition facts and health