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Charles T. Rohla, Michael W. Smith, Niels O. Maness, and William Reid

cluster, and number of current season's shoots with female flower clusters were determined. Total yield per tree was measured annually and the alternate-bearing index ( I ) was calculated ( Pearce and Dobersek-Urbanc, 1967 ) for each cultivar. Values of

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Elena de Castro, Bill Biasi, Elizabeth Mitcham, Stuart Tustin, David Tanner, and Jennifer Jobling

determine firmness and starch pattern index. Firmness was measured as resistance to penetration with an 11-mm flat-ended cylindrical probe on opposite sides of the fruit using a fruit texture analyzer (Güss Manufacturing, Strand, South Africa) after removing

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Cevriye Mert

cultivar ( B–C ). View of starch granules, protein bodies, and pollen wall in Degirmendere cultivar ( D ). P = protein bodies; PW = pollen wall; St = starch granules. The surface of cornelian cherry pollen was covered with thread-like pollenkitt as shown in

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Steve J. McArtney, John D. Obermiller, James R. Schupp, Michael L. Parker, and Todd B. Edgington

model GS-14 fruit texture analyzer (QA Supplies, LLC, Norfolk, VA). Soluble solids concentration (SSC) of a composite juice sample was measured using a model PR-32 digital refractometer (Atago U.S.A., Bellevue, WA). Starch index was rated according to

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Ibrahim I. Tahir and Hilde Nybom

simple indices, like starch conversion to sugar, fruit softening, and color development ( Peirss et al., 2004 ; Willats et al., 2001 ), are needed but must be correlated with the known accurate indices. Also, each index has to be evaluated for specific

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Carmen Feller and Matthias Fink

characteristic pattern of depletion and accumulation of soluble carbohydrates in storage roots. Detecting deviations from the normal pattern could help to diagnose crop problems, such as unwanted excessive depletion of carbohydrates incited by harvest periods

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Marisa M. Wall

stage 7 of the ripeness scale ( Del Monte Fresh Produce, 1992 ). At that time, final nondestructive measurements were made, and destructive measurements for firmness, soluble solids, titratable acidity, starch content, and sugar concentrations were

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Raquel Gomez and Lee Kalcsits

index developed for ‘WA 38’ by the Washington Tree Fruit Research Commission and the starch index was between 2.5 and 3.5 when harvested. All fruit were completely removed from the three selected trees within each replicate and weighed to provide total

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Wilawan Kumpoun, Takashi Nishizawa, Yoshie Motomura, Tanidchaya Puthmee, and Toshiyuki Aikawa

starch ( Chhatpar et al., 1971 ) and ascorbic acid ( Thomas and Joshi, 1988 ) contents, low sugar ( Mohammed and Brecht, 2002 ) and carotenoid ( Thomas and Oke, 1983 ) contents, skin pitting or browning ( Chaplin et al., 1991 ; Thomas and Joshi, 1988

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Ockert P.J. Stander, Graham H. Barry, and Paul J.R. Cronjé

meters)] was calculated according to the following formula ( Burger et al., 1970 ): where r = canopy radius and h = height of the fruit-bearing canopy. The same trees were used in both seasons. The alternate bearing index ( I ) of the two treatments